Minecraft PS4 Will Get Digital and Retail Versions on Release Date, Box Art Revealed

The team is definitely getting close towards a release date because the official Playstation blog revealed the box art for the retail version of the Minecraft PS4 edition.

Compared to the size of the game which is relatively small, having a retail edition on a Bluray disc may not seem like a wise decision to make. But, fans will now have the opportunity to collect the cool looking box art and display it in their homes. It sounds a bit old school but there are always buyers who prefer the boxed version when compared to the digital copy. The digital edition will not be available to you any other time until you log onto your console and browsing through your collection of games. It could also be another reason because Sony doesn’t have that many titles on the new console and the phenomenal success of the PS3 version of the game could have paved way for the Minecraft PS4 edition.

PS4 Box Art Revealed

A bunch of images showing off PS3, PS Vita and PS4 box art were shown on the official Facebook page of Playstation, even though the artwork is the same on all of them. Despite showing such promising news, there is no confirmation on the release date yet. 4J studios is the only team working on the console ports of the title and they have been doing it good so far. The representative from Mojang, Owen Hill answering fan queries said that it is not easy to create a Minecraft world and deploy it on a platform because it requires plenty of work to be perfect. He added that the delay in release date on next gen console is because of this perfection that they seek and it could be anytime soon.

Retail Edition Confirmed

The box art is definitely snazzy and for many players who were unsure whether the next gen edition will make its way to the platform, this is good news but things are getting closer. Earlier, Mojang announced that they are busy working on the Minecraft PS4 edition but still there is a long way to go on their official Twitter page. On the same lines, the news was confirmed one more time on the official PS blog when the Title Update 14 was rolled out to PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. You may have been wondering whether a retail copy could make enough sales to sustain the Xbox 360 edition. It has been topping the charts in UK even though it got launched almost a year ago.

Besides, the hype for the next gen console is high and it will definitely boost the game’s sales. The big question is a Bluray can store a whole lot of content and Minecraft PS4 edition will occupy very little space in the disc. The developers can choose to include a lot of exclusive content, development diaries and special features into it which will make the retail version a collector’s delight. Some players have commented in the forums that most of the space will be occupied by Sony’s copyright protection codes and they may not consider putting in extensive content for players to enjoy their purchase. As of now, there is still no confirmed release date but the PS4 edition will launch with the PS Vita edition.

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