Minecraft PS4 Release Date Discussed By Mojang

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With the release of the Title Update 14, the developers of the game 4J Studios definitely have more time to work on the upcoming Minecraft PS4 version and it is being expected that a release date is imminent.

Going by the update provided by the Mojang Studios, the creators of the original game and the game director who spoke in a recent interview, it is known that the next gen version of the game is under development. Earlier, there was speculation that it could be delayed to the end of the year because of older generation support but 4J has successfully released not only the 1.04 update but they have already submitted another 1.05 patch as well to get rid of the annoying bugs players have reported.

1.05 Patch Submitted

The patch was readied within a week’s time and it has now been submitted to Sony for Certificate Testing. Once the company approves the same, it will be widely released to all players on the platform. People were experiencing issues like zombies climbing cobble stone walls and zombies not dropping any collectibles when they are killed. The issues were not the same on both platforms which is why the company has released different patches and updates for PS3 and the Xbox 360 console.

While talks are more focused on an Xbox One release, the Minecraft PS4 edition is not far behind. The original publishers and developers of the game Mojang confirmed that both the versions are under development which they are monitoring and preparing them for release. They didn’t specify whether it will be a simultaneous release on both platforms, or will the PS4 version come out after the Xbox One make it to the digital stores.

4J Prefers Last Minute Release Dates

The team revealed in their official blog that as soon as there is some good news to share with the player community, they will do so. Compared to other publishers, Mojang or 4J doesn’t have a record of creating buzz on the release date. They would rather release it without any prior announcement or simply let fans know in their Twitter account. This has been a tradition that 4J has been following and the even the most hyped 1.04 update got released the same way on a day’s notice.

Some of the important features that Minecraft PS4 edition is expected to have include bigger maps and higher resolution with better texture. The console already renders all major AAA titles in 1080p resolution and when it does the same with Minecraft, it’s definitely going to look a lot better on the platform.

Speaking more about the release date of the next gen versions, Phil Spencer from Microsoft said that he’s excited about the upcoming game but also clarified that Mojang is an independent studio. Speaking to the media, he added that the company is now on a great run and is an established firm which is why they are the ones who will be controlling the release dates.

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