Minecraft PS4 and PS Vita Release Is Around the Corner

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If you are an ardent fan of the series, get ready to expect Minecraft PS4 release date announcement soon because the developers 4J Studios has tweeted another pictures showing off the game running on the latest console.

The entire player community is running with the hype that the new version of the title will be on par with the PC version because the console is much more powerful, is capable of running on 1080p resolution and can handle more features when they are introduced. Mojang is the team that is directly working on the PC version while 4J handles the console ports. They have been doing a great job so far and successfully managed to keep players busy on all platforms.

Multiple Features Expected

Handling so many versions of the game simultaneously, including the PS Vita and Pocket Edition is not an easy task but the studio managed to do it with flying colors. They have also been releasing multiple skin and texture packs for the PS3 console that is expected to roll out when the next gen version of the game launches. So far, the company didn’t make any formal announcements on the release date and it has been their tradition to keep things under wraps until the final moment. 4J completed the 1.04 patch and also released a bug fix patch 1.05 that starts rolling out this week. After having completed their job on the older console, you can safely assume that they will now be busy working on the current generation console.

The Minecraft PS4 edition is expected to look impressive because the higher resolution will boost the game’s appearance with better textures that will result in impressive results. The developers had already showed some screenshots comparing PS3 and PS4 versions of the game. It definitely looks impressive and it would be a short wait before they make an announcement. The latest screenshot was released by 4J in their twitter account that featured a rum bottle with Minecraft running on the PS4 console in the background. The image also had a PS Vita lying in the corner that had the game running on it as well and a dual shock controller with touchpad right next to it. One of the interesting things about this screenshot is that it finally shows a snap of PS Vita running the game.

PS Vita Gets Minecraft

Even though, the company has confirmed long back that they are porting the game to the handheld console, this is the official confirmation. It has been delivered in a subtle manner and funnily, the image is hugely dominated by the rum bottle rather than the anticipated Minecraft PS4 game. The studio has been releasing pictures of actual hardware running updates, skin packs and new versions of the game for quite a while. Based on this new release, the player community had already started assuming that the release date is close and 4J is simply teasing everyone with such screenshots to show off their creation. If it is true, then expect an announcement within the next couple of weeks or so.

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