Minecraft PS4 – 4J Working to Bring Release Date Closer

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As we already predicted, 4J Studios now has all the time in the world to focus on Minecraft PS4 edition.

The developers are the only people working on a bunch of console ports and it is not easy to handle them all at the same time. But, ever since they were given the responsibility about a year ago, the company has been doing a great job. There was plenty of gap between the platform releases due to the exclusivity and Microsoft’s agreement with the team but things have changed a lot in the past few months. The team now releases updates every week for both platforms and are simultaneously working on the next generation versions.

Their focus on the Sony platforms is definitely impressive without a doubt because they submitted the 1.05 patch update for Xbox 360 and PS3 on the same day to their respective companies. At this rate, you can comfortably assume that the company will be bringing out the next gen versions at the same time as well and they have confirmed this claim in their Twitter account as well. Answering eager fans who have been questioning them a lot, the developers said that they will now be focusing fully on Minecraft PS4, PS Vita editions besides the Xbox One version to bring them out as soon as possible.

PS4 and PS Vita Retail Versions

Everyone knows that the new game is under development for some time now but an exact release date is yet to be known by any one of them. The company continued to reveal some screenshots teasing players of the features expected with the Minecraft PS4 edition but when it came to specifying an actual date, they simply said that it will eventually get launched. 4J Studios has a strong history of keeping their most wanted title under wraps until the release date comes across because they don’t believe in creating hype months ahead before the actual product is ready. They are busy working on the new game at the moment which has been confirmed by their Twitter feeds.

The team is also set to bring out a retail edition of the Minecraft PS4 title which features an impressive box art but it doesn’t have a specific release date as well. The PS3 version is set to get a boxed version launch on May 16 and going by this date, there is a probability that PS4 will see release in the month of June or July. The biggest gaming expo E3 2014 is set to take place in the month of June and if speculations are to be believed, the company will be making a formal announcement during this event that will be official news with regards to the release date. The new game will come bundled with all the features that previously got released on the PS3 platform but it will not have 1.05 or 1.06 integrated in it. Players will have to manually download and install them after the game gets released.

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