Minecraft PS3 Ready for Retail Launch on May 14

The time has come for a retail edition of Minecraft PS3 to hit the stores and it’s definitely promising because when everyone assumed the older generation was almost over, it gets one of the best titles.

The addictive open world sandbox game relies heavily on simple graphics which is comparatively very less when put up against AAA titles but the game play is what matters in this game that has been a hit in the console since its launch date.

Special Features Expected

The game was officially launched on Xbox 360 console almost a year earlier because Mojang had some exclusivity with Microsoft or maybe there were not sure if a console release would justify their product. The title simply changed the game for good because it has sold millions of copies on the counterpart console and has continued to top the charts for PS3 since its launch last year. But, the question that is lingering on everyone’s mind is whether it is worth bringing out on retail because all games are stored on a Blueray drive and Minecraft will hardly occupy much space because of its extremely small size.

The developers didn’t confirm any special features that are coming to the version but it is expected that they don’t let all the free space go waste. Players are already excited with the announcement and it has been confirmed that the game will be available for purchase from May 14 onwards. An amazing box art has been revealed for the Minecraft PS3 edition which will be a collector’s delight. Ever since the digital era came in, small titles get only an online release and they are hardly sold in boxes.

PS4 and PS Vita Retail Versions

Now, you will be able to keep the game and show off to your list of most wanted Playstation 3 titles on your shelf. Besides, it is also about to get a PS4 and a PS Vita version in retail format. The release date for both these consoles has not been revealed yet but it is believed that it could be somewhere around the month of the July when the biggest gaming expo E3 2014 is about to take place. A physical version for the game is not surprising because the Xbox 360 version is already making a great run in the UK charts. Based on the same lines, it is just that Sony competes on the platform and shows off their prowess.

Owen Hill from Mojang had an exclusive talk with the media on the progress of the game and speaking on the Playstation blog he said that Minecraft PS3 will be something to watch out for. The game will have all the features that players expect and the latest patches, he confirmed in his conversation. It means that you will be able to get the invisibility potion, Ender’s chest, trading with villagers and other features. The 1.05 patch which has fixed a variety of bugs on the console will also be bundled along with this version of the game but it is yet to be known whether the 1.06 patch will make its way out soon to the platform.

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