Minecraft PS3 Physical Edition Confirmed, 1.05 Update Ready

For fans who have been looking forward to some exciting Minecraft PS3 news, it’s going be a surprise because there’s just not one but plenty to share for Sony platform owners.

The official Playstation blog has confirmed that the PS3 edition of the game is going to get a physical copy which will be available for purchase in retail stores. Exciting news, isn’t it? While some people wonder whether the title really deserves to be printed on a Bluray disc and sold in a physical box considering its meagre file size, for gamers who are crazy about this title it is the best news without a doubt. You will now be able to own a cool looking box which has an exclusive box art and the same will be shared for other versions including the PS4 and PS Vita releases.

Retail Edition on May 14

Besides, the physical copy of the game has been a huge success in the UK for Xbox 360 console ever since it got launched. The official launch was nearly a year ago but it continues to top the charts even now in terms of sales. If the counterpart console could make it big, them Minecraft PS3 physical copy definitely makes sense and anything can be deduced only after the official launch. The PS blog statement has confirmed that the game will get launched on May 14 but there is no confirmed release date for the other versions of the game even though fans have eagerly been asking for the next gen version.

1.05 Patch Ready

As already said, it’s great to be a Minecraft PS3 player because you not only get an exclusive box art with a physical copy of the game next month but the 1.05 patch update had been rolled out as well. It is a follow up to the 1.04 patch which brought in a bunch of new features including teleportation, invisibility, trading with NPC villagers, jungle temples among others. A slew of bugs were hindering the game play experience on the platform for which 4J created the 1.05 patch which was submitted to Sony for certificate testing process.

At the same time, the Studio submitted the Title Update 15 to Microsoft and it was Xbox 360 that got the update first. Sony didn’t keep players waiting long because the Minecraft PS3 version got the patch within a day’s time after the Xbox 360 version was rolled out. It will fix a slew of bugs as noted by the player community. The development team has also confirmed that they will be working on a 1.06 patch update which will come bundled with the Natural Texture pack. The contents of the pack are yet to be revealed but it can be assumed that it will be on the lines of City Texture pack and Skin pack. The digital version of the game has been purchased and downloaded over 1.5 million times and it is expected that the retail version will achieve significant success as well, on release date.

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