Minecraft PS3 Gets Multiple Skin and Texture Packs after 1.04 Update

Players who ardently love Minecraft PS3 edition are enjoying their treat that 4J Studios released a couple of days ago.

While the 1.04 update is quite a huge change with multiple new features and additions in it, the company also released a bunch of four different texture and skin packs. One of them titled the Skin Pack 1 is a great addition for ardent Sony console fans. Those who love some exclusive characters like Sly Cooper or Nathan Drake will now have the opportunity to dress up as them to play in Minecraft. It is quite a unique addition because the skins will not be available on any other platform including the PC or Xbox 360 versions. It could only make its way to the PS4 edition when the game releases on the console but there is no official release date for the same from 4J Studios so far.

Sony Exclusive Character Skins

The skin and texture packs which got released along with the 1.04 update is now available for download. Their pricing range is expected between $0.99 and $1.99, but players will be able to construct buildings and structures without paying this nominal price. However, in order to save their creations, they are supposed to buy the full version of the pack. The Skin Pack 1 features skins from Sony exclusive titles which will allow players to be Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake from Uncharted besides some unspecified characters from KillZone and Heavy Rain titles. The official Sony blog revealed this information and even though 4J Studios has handed them the packs, it is up to the company to roll them out to the console in all regions.

City and Plastic Textures

Another skin pack to look forward is the Battle and Beasts skin pack which as earlier promised will focus on animals. The pack will allow Minecraft PS3 players to adorn the look of a Cleopatra look-alike, a koala, multiple cavemen outfits and they can even be an octopus. The company says that it is one of the most eclectic packs they have ever released. The texture packs scheduled to get released in the bundle includes the city texture pack and the plastic texture pack. The plastic texture pack as Sony puts it, will make things look plasticky while the other pack will allow corporate constructions, let players building offices and bridges.

The character exclusive skins are similar to the ones that got released on the Xbox 360 console featuring Halo, Gears of War and other exclusive characters. It was quite a hit on the console and considering how well it did, chances are high that the Minecraft PS3 version will become popular among fans. Sony hasn’t officially released the price tag yet but based on the XBLA prices which are already out for the City Texture Pack, it won’t be too different from what their competitors are doing. The game play will drastically change and become more interesting because along with these packs you will also have a new adventure mode, features introduced by the 1.04 update.

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