Is camera on HTC One M8 worth the price?

HTC has been one of the most impressive lines of smartphones on the market, always bringing on scene some of the most-appreciated features and possibilities for smartphone lovers. HTC One M8 is definitely a superb smartphone that integrates the amazing DNA of last year’s device, coming with improvements for nearly every area and packing everything with new, advanced technology. One question that many tech lovers are asking right now is: is HTC One M8 worth the price? We will see the answer below.

HTC One M8 is a greatly-designed device that comes with a very wide array of features, having a premium design that integrates metal chassis and aluminum casing, which is now 90 percent of the frame, from the 70 percent of the last model. Even though this smartphone is larger than iPhone 5S, it is still easy to use with only one hand, offering a very pleasant experience. HTC One M8 provides an internal storage of 16GB, which might not be that great due to the fact that it is taken up mostly by the operating system of the device. However, HTC has listened to the users and integrated a microSD slot that can expand external memory up to 64GB, which definitely is a feature worth mentioning.

Furthermore, the smartphone comes along with improved front speakers, which can make the sound so much clearer, translating to better clarity between the vocals and bass when listening to music. However, the speakers might not be truly useful since many of us are now listening to music and watching movies using external headphones.

HTC One M8 excels through its amazing camera features, which can definitely improve your experience with the smartphone substantially. This time, HTC amazes us with a duo-camera feature, which can allow you to take better shots that can easily resemble the performance of an older Nikon mirrorless, interchangeable lenses camera. The main camera is basically the same as the one that we can find the HTC One last year, which means that it integrates an “Ultrapixel” sensor, so that it will be able to capture more light than any other device on the market.

With the second camera on the back of the smartphone, HTC One M8 integrates a new feature that can change things a lot. However, only one of the camera is a real camera, whilst the other (the smaller one) is meant to scan the scene and provide depth, to enhance image quality and help you get the best contrast. You will be surprised by the many features included within camera settings – the most notable one being “Pan 360”, which will allow you to take 360 panoramic shots.

Is HTC One M8 worth the price?

Definitely yes. Retailed at over $699.00, HTC One M8 is a revolutionary smartphone that will surely be the best yet in 2014. With the duo-camera feature that makes it special and very progressive, this device is going to captivate all tech lovers who want to switch over to a more superb and efficient smartphone.

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