iPhone 5S vs Galaxy Note 3 – Price and Specs Comparison

Apple has received a lot of praise for reinventing the mobile phone industry with its iPhone range that started out in 2007.

It has managed to revolutionize the industry by making touch screens as standard, and this technology has even spread to several other parts like Tablet PCs and desktops. Samsung has been criticized by Apple for copyright infringement, but the Korean giant has proved that it is also capable of inventing segments. They did so with the Samsung Galaxy Note. The company called it as the phablet and it has created an all-new segment on its own.

Samsung has launched several devices in this segment over the last few years and they have been getting better and better. The latest iteration is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Even though it is not a direct rival to the iPhone, Samsung has put this as the flagship phone with several users already inclining towards the mega screen ideology. Apple’s response is expected to come as an evolution rather than a revolution. This is certainly true in the case of the iPhone 5S.

Not Much to Separate in Quality

It features no major changes in terms of design. Apple went with the way of the 4 inch displays starting with the iPhone 5. It features no major upgrades in the 5S. However, users will be able to appreciate the quality that comes with every device. Apple has not skimped on this feature, as the phone uses high-quality materials throughout. The Galaxy Note 3 has also come a long way in terms of quality. Samsung has resorted to using faux leather in the rear of the phone and it lends a quality touch, which has been missing from Samsung phones.

Biggest Differences

The biggest difference between the two phones was always going to come in the screen size. Apple has used a much larger 4 inch display – compared to the original iPhone, but it is still much smaller than the one used on Galaxy Note 3. The Samsung comes with a 5.7 inch unit that can be controlled by either your fingers or by the stylus pen, which tucks away neatly into the side of the device. The display offers a full HD resolution, which makes it better than the Apple device in terms of pixel density.

Samsung also offers 3 GB of RAM compared to the 1 GB found in the iPhone 5S. The Korean product also excels in terms of storage capacity because aside from offering three different internal memory versions, it also supports up to 64 GB of expansion using memory cards. This is a feature that has never appeared on the iPhone and it continues to be missing on the 5S.

The 13 megapixel unit on the Galaxy Note 3 is a slightly better camera – at least in terms of resolution – than the eight megapixel unit on the iPhone, although Apple claims that their devices are capable of better pictures.


The 32GB version of the Galaxy Note 3 is available without a contract for $ 700, while the iPhone 5S retails at around $ 850 for the 64 GB version.

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