Instagram PC – Free Download App Plug-in for Chrome

For all those of you, who love clicking pictures with Instagram, running Instagram on PC was never this simple.

If you have been among the millions of other Instagram fans, looking for ways to access your favorite app through the internet, you can get a simple browser enhancement to do all that you wanted to on Instagram.

What is Instagram for Chrome?

This is nothing but a simple browser plug-in. This enhancement allows you to view your Instagram feed and interact with it through Google Chrome. Since this plug-in has been specifically designed for the Chrome browser, it only works when you install it on Chrome. However, this app does allow you to take your Instagram experience off your mobile phone and on your computer screen. Since you can now see your feed from within your browser, it makes things immensely simple for you.

What are the Benefits?

Apart from the fact that this plug-in makes your life much simpler than it ever was, you can now not only view your own Instagram feed through your browser, but also like and comment on your friends’ photos. You will also have access to some of the popular Instagram photos and can access them on your computer.

Are There Any Issues?

Instagram for Chrome is an app that has been created after a lot of hard work. Even though the plug-in does work well, it has some kinks to it. Most of these issues involve the user interface. The app gives you the same Instagram interface as you would find on your phone, but there are some inherent differences. You cannot go backwards, to begin with. If you want to go back, you have to go to the menu options and select the page you want to go back to. Another major issue is that while you can look at the photographs from your own feed, you can neither download these pictures, not can you view them in a better quality or a higher resolution. Another problem is that once you have downloaded and installed the plug-in, you will be logged into your Instagram account at all times. You cannot log out of this plug-in. The only way to log out is to uninstall the plug-in, but if you have to log in using a different account, you have to reinstall it. This makes the entire process of logging in and out very tedious. So essentially, this plug-in is made for those who have a single account on Instagram, or those who just want to access a single account from their PC.

The Verdict

While there are some inherent problems with the way this plug-in works and its user interface, it is still a huge step up from having no way to access Instagram on your PC. If you want superior user experience, you should use one of the Instagram web viewers, which have become so popular. Pixsta, BlueStacks and Webstagram are some of the more popular web viewers you can choose to use.

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