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Instagram offers a great means of sharing pictures and viewing shared photographs on the Internet.

However, if you are away from a network and would like to access your photographs from your desktop, there are ways of putting up your favorite pictures and photographs on your desktop and these steps are similar in the case of most of the popular browsers.

There are many users out there who would like to be part of the Instagram action for their personal or business purposes, but they are not able to join, as they do not have an Android phone or an iOS device. For such users, there are some options for using the PC to upload photos from their computer files to Instagram and also for downloading photographs of their account or from the account of other users and friends whom they are following, to their PC. Instagram can offer a great opportunity for getting your company brand name out there and it can be showcased in an appealing and exciting visual manner, greatly benefitting your company. There are many ways of bringing your pictures from your PC to Instagram and vice versa.

Steps for Saving Photos

You need to first log in to your account on Instagram and then click on the Photos icon for viewing your photographs. If you want to view photographs put up by your friends or some other user, you can click on the Following button and then click on the friend; again click on the Photos icon on the friend’s page. Next, select a particular photograph that you want to save in your PC in order to first view it. Right click on the photograph and select ‘Save Picture as’ or, alternatively ‘Save Image as’, whatever option is available. When the saving window opens up, select the desired folder in your PC where you want to save the picture and click on the ‘Save’, so that the picture gets saved to that particular folder in your PC. Instead of doing the entire process one by one, saving one picture at a time, you can also make use of the Free Instagram Downloader. This application enables grabbing all public pictures of a particular user account in a single selection and then saving these to your PC.

Uploading Photos from PC to Instagram

Gramblr is a free application that enables uploading of photos from your PC or desktop to the Instagram site. It allows plugging in the Instagram account information of the user and after that you can immediately start uploading pictures to your Instagram account from your PC. However, you must have an Instagram account before you begin to do this. You should also get the photographs edited according to the requirements of Gramblr, which are 650 x 650 pixels. In addition, you can also create some tags or add any other description to the picture. Once the Gramblr application has uploaded the picture or image from your PC, you will get access to links for sharing the pictures. Gramblr offers a simple and practical solution and the only problem you will have is to edit the size of the photographs.

Installing Gramblr

Gramblr is a free program that can be easily downloaded and installed in your PC. Currently, the program offers support for Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista as well as the Mac OSX. Before you upload the photos from your PC to the Gramblr program, you must save the files in the form of .jpg and edit to the required size. You can then sign in to your account at Instagram and provide your account information. If you wish, you can add a description, tag or caption to the picture and click on the ‘Save caption’ button. You can upload the photo through Web Link or through Direct Link and even by HTML Code or Forum BBC Code and then share the picture on social networks, like Facebook or Twitter.

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