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Building your brand image on, Instagram or any social media site, can be a daunting challenge. There are numerous methods propounded online that will give you various rates of success. You can buy your followers as well, but their loyalty will not be gained and your image will undoubtedly be tainted. There are, however, some tried and true methods to building your Instagram followers, and I have them here for you.


This is an interesting app that allows you to browse through thousands of different profiles from various social media sites, including Instagram. When you find a profile interesting and select to follow it, you are awarded with coins. These coins, in turn, can be given to other viewers when they become your follower. Basically, in order to attract followers, you have to be interesting AND have coins to give. You get coins by following others (or purchasing them). It’s a little like internet bribery, but people follow of their own free will, so the hope is that they are actually interested in your content or product.

Get Shoutouts from other Instagramers

In Instagram, a shoutout is where someone posts your picture to their profile and tags you as the creator. This is extremely useful for those who are trying to build a small brand. When someone gives you a shoutout, you are being exposed to a whole new set of people. You can bet that at least a few of those people will like what you do and become followers. Shoutouts are a way to get exponential growth. If one person gives you a shoutout, and then two of their followers do the same, and then two of their followers repeat the process… you get the picture.

Hashtag your photos!

Hashtag them with every description that is suitable. When you use hashtag for a photo, it gets gathered together with other photos with the same hashtag. Therefore, if someone is searching for a cat, and you have a picture tagged as a #cat, your image will show within their search. Good hashtags are the best way to be seen and develop new followers. If you are having trouble selecting hashtags, check out some of the ones used on celebrity profiles, they are often some of the best examples of good tagging.

Connect your Facebook account

By linking your Instagram account to your Facebook, you will be able to see which of your friends are using Instagram. This is very useful while trying to build a following because your friends can give you shoutouts or become your followers and this will expose your pictures to all of their friends. It is simply an excellent way to get exposed to more people.

Make a connection with fellow Instagramers

Many people on Instagram work under a policy of “you follow me, I’ll follow you”. This is a great way to get more followers. Simply follow those people whose work you like or find inspiring and hopefully you will gain an additional follower at the same time. Also making appropriate and sincere comments on others posts can prompt someone to follow you.

Have a photo contest

When you create a photo contest, people have to repost and follow you in order to enter, thus they become your follower. However, there are a lot of contests on Instagram, in order to be successful you must have an interesting concept and offer a prize that people will be willing to work for.

Instagram has become an excellent place to showcase new products and unique way to build a brand following. You cannot, however, just throw some pictures up and expect to become popular. It takes creativity and work to get out of any social media site a single customer. Remember you have a lot of competition, so you have to try something to make yourself noticeable. Learn how to get more likes on Instagram here.

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