How to Run Free Android Apps on PC

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Android is one of the popular operating systems available out there, but this Google OS is available primarily for mobile phones.

It already has a significant advantage over the likes of iOS and Windows Phone 8. The open source and free nature of the operating system means that it is available for everyone to take advantage of its brilliant features. One of the main aspects of Android that has made it so successful is its app store, which is called as the Play Store by the company.

The Problem

This houses several popular games and apps like Candy Crush and WhatsApp. However, an Android operating system is required to run such apps. So far, it was not possible to use them for a desktop, which still continues to be a popular medium of computing around the world. The problem has now been solved with the advent of programs like the App Player from BlueStacks.

The Solution

The App Player from BlueStacks is a free program that is capable of replicating the Android ecosystem on a desktop. Hence, it is now possible to run Android supported programs on a PC since the apps do not know where they are being used. Unlike some other techniques, this is a completely legal and viable solution for getting Android apps on PC.

Android on PC

Right now, the App Player from BlueStacks supports the Android 4.0 version. The company has claimed that it is currently involved with developing the program to support the Android 4.4 version, which is the latest available yet. As a result, some of the apps that have just been out will not be available, but this percentage is very small indeed. The program also does not have a huge amount of requirements in order to run the Android apps on PC.


Most computers with a decent graphics card will be able to handle the requirements. Stability is a major concern when trying to run apps that is not meant for desktop use. However, BlueStacks says that the stability from the App Player is more than 95% and this should not be a worry for users. App Player is capable of being run on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Future Options

The company is currently involved in developing a console version of their program, which will be able to run almost all the apps from Android’s Play Store. This console is expected to be priced around $ 130, but until then, users can enjoy the App Player for free. BlueStacks says that the company has dedicated more than two years towards the development of the free App Player. The company is very satisfied with the response from users, as it claims that may have already been more than 10 million downloads till date.

Minor Bugs

The App Player is not without its problems. Some of it comes in the form of handling high-end games. A game with lower pace like the ‘The Simpsons’ from EA Mobile is handled fine, but fast-paced action games like Frontline Commando do tend to struggle on this program.

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