Halo 5 Storyline Expected With Escalation Comics Release Date

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The teaser trailer that Microsoft had for Halo 5 was exceptionally well done that it became an instant attraction during E3 2013.

However, the situation is not much in favor of the company at the moment because Xbox One is making sales as it is supposed to be and there are speculations that the new Halo will make it to the stores either in late 2014 or early 2015. That’s a long wait because players are looking for a reason; a game to buy that shiny new console and it could be none other than their own exclusive franchise that has been pushing the boxes for a long time.

Comics Come in July

At this point, there is no release date known but the Halo Escalation comic which is slated to release in July is expected to reveal the storyline of the upcoming game. The interesting fact is that Electronics Entertainment Expo E3 2014 will take place in June during which Microsoft is expected to unveil a slew of new games. Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division in the company earlier said that if a Halo 2 anniversary edition exists, it will definitely have a strong focus on multiplayer component. The special edition is expected to ship to the console along with access to multiplayer beta keys for the upcoming Halo 5 title. It is not confirmed news but chances are high that they could fill the void with an anniversary edition, keeping players busy until the new game is ready to be unveiled.

Know the Storyline

It was amazing to watch Master Chief wander alone in the E3 teaser revealed last year and the upcoming Halo Escalation comic is expected to be on the same lines. The comic will serve as a bridge between the upcoming game and the Halo 4 title which got released on the Xbox 360 platform in the past. The comic is said to explore the reasons that made Master Chief leave the organization and seek an answer on his own. An earlier strip that got leaked a while ago claimed that he was indeed on a top secret, covert mission and is looking forward to find those who were behind the big conspiracy.

The comic is slated for a release in the month of July and it is possible that Microsoft may show plenty of new stuff during E3 which will take place in June. The company did showcase a teaser and now they are expected to show the full bundle to fans worldwide. The next gen console Xbox One needs some exciting titles to browse through and there couldn’t be a better franchise title than Halo 5 to boost the sales of the console. All eyes are on E3 not only because they are going to show off some new games but it is the first conference that is set to take place after the new platform has hit stores. It has a significant place in gaming history where publishers and companies have to convince the audience to move on to the product for a better experience.

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