Halo 2 Anniversary Edition Confirmed, Halo 5 Release Date?

In a fictitious world if Halo 2 anniversary edition exists, then it will have a strong focus on the multiplayer aspect and will definitely be one of the best experience that fans could enjoy, said Microsoft’s Phil Spencer.

Even though, he never directly admitted that a Halo 2 special edition is getting released on Xbox One console, he speculated and carried his comments to a world that never existed. If the company could have refrained from showing a teaser of Halo 5 on next gen console, fans would have assumed that the release date could either be in 2015 or even in 2014. It looks like the company wanted to hype their new console and if there is one title that could set them apart from their competitors, it is the Halo franchise.

Early Teaser Hyped Much

There is speculation that the company forced the development studio to come up with a teaser trailer for E3 2013 which is why they got it ready. If it is true and based on what Phil Spencer said, the game could even be set for a summer 2015 or later release. Fans who are eagerly expecting an announcement may get disappointed if this is true. The company is not talking much about the next gen version of the game because of various reasons. Microsoft is now under pressure to cope with competition against the PS4 console and it cannot be faced with just another exclusive but it should be the best ever released in the series.

A Well-Deserved Halo 5, Not What Players Need

Even though the company didn’t openly admit it, they are supposed to make sure Halo 5 looks the best and is capable of delivering 60 FPS when running at 1080p resolution. The major claim their competitor console makes is that they run most games in this industry standard resolution while the Xbox exclusive Titanfall was running somewhere in the 900p area. The company recently announced that it is planning to roll out a new Direct X12 which will help boost the performance of the console and tweak its hardware to render higher resolution. Going by the announcements made by the company it is readily evident that they just can’t bring out their big gun before it is fully loaded. Based on the latest improvements, it is expected that the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 will play host for the announcement of a Halo 2 Anniversary edition.

The release date of Halo 5 could be postponed to late 2014 or early 2015 release which is based on how Microsoft plans to strategize their exclusive releases. The anniversary edition is also speculated to be sold with beta keys for the Halo 5 multiplayer edition which will provide a sneak peak of the universe that players are longing to get back to. Ever since the launch of Xbox One, things aren’t going great for Microsoft and the company is now in a situation where they are supposed to make their fans happy. They should deliver not only good titles but also justify the power of their console.

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