GTA 5 PC Version Confirmed, 1.12 Update Gets Creator Tool

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Ever since GTA V was launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles last year, the big question is whether it will make its way to new generation consoles and PC or not.

There have been plenty of rumors and hoaxes that claimed that a release date was imminent. Some malicious developers even created a malware using the name and distributed it on torrents which were downloaded by thousands of eager fans around the globe before security experts found the threat. Rockstar has been silent all along but an online retailer Altex has already started taking pre-orders for the game. The website claims that a release date is pegged on June 15 that falls on a Sunday but it could just be a tentative date.

Online Retailer Lists PC and Next Gen

There is no confirmation from the original publishers though but with E3 2014 around the corner, it wouldn’t be surprising if an announcement is made. The next gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One are in dire need of some exciting titles. Both Microsoft and Sony are well aware of this fact. If they decide to push Rockstar to come with a more visually appealing, bigger version of the GTA V game during E3, it won’t be surprising because it is a title the consoles deserve. The game is a huge success on the platforms in which it got released but it also missed out on the PC version which is known for its mods community. The retailer confirmed a PC edition as well but you just have to wait two more months until the Electronic Entertainment Expo reveals some interesting news.

1.12 Update with Creator Tool

Meanwhile, the game has received the 1.12 update which brings some exciting additions to the table including a creator tool. Players will now have utmost freedom in creating custom missions on GTA V which has been facilitated by the 1.12 update. It can be used with a variety of game modes including Hold, Contend and Raid. The custom missions created by players will be shared using the Rockstar Social Club so that other gamers could try it. After successfully completing it, they will have an option to rate the creation based on which a leaderboard will be created. New players can directly pick the top rated missions to enjoy or they can try to compete with the leaders by coming up with their own creative heist jobs or gangster missions.

The Lester ability is another new feature that will allow you to commit crimes and other illegal activities without getting caught. All you have to do is call Lester who will instruct his cop friends within the area to not look into the stuff you do and you can easily get away with it without alerting the police force. The team balancing system has now been made mandatory while lesser member in specific teams will receive more money if they successfully complete a job. The team has also fixed a variety of bugs including the one that allowed players to steal other player’s vehicles. The update will definitely make the game more addictive.

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