GTA 5 Online – Get Ready for Exciting Spring Updates

Players can get ready now because Rockstar confirmed that a bunch of Spring updates are ready to hit GTA V online and some of them are really exciting.

The game developers have a long list of updates and players are eagerly waiting for them for a long time, with heists being the top priority on the list. Here’s a list of the confirmed ones that will start rolling out to PS3 and Xbox 360 console owners from next week onwards.

Capture Creator

Without a doubt, this will be one of the best features to look out for because it allows the Creator community to create their own Capture jobs. There’s no limit on how wild you can get because the ball is in your court. Just make it really interesting because if it captures the attention of other players, Rockstar will officially approve it and your jobs will be available for download. At the moment, the Social Club is thronging with activity where over 3.5 million players have created multiple death matches and races for others to try it out. This new addition will allow you to customize weapons, create the Capture job and if it is really unique; it will get voted by players to be officially added. The more creative and crazy you get, the higher your chances of making your job a Rockstar Verified add-on.

The High Life Update

As the name suggests, this is going to be a premium class update for players who wish to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in Los Santos. The update is expected to allow players to buy more than one high-end apartment in the city, get a completely new wardrobe with some branded clothing, buy the super fast Dink Thrust motorcycle and there will be three different luxury cars to choose from. It is definitely going to be a high life for all GTA V players once this update rolls out. Apart from all this premium additions, it will be creating a statistics of the player’s Mental State. The update will monitor player activities and will report to others how aggressive or passive they are. This is like giving out a warning to others when dealing with you. Some high paying jobs will also be unlocked with this update.

Heists – Hope It Lands

The Heists is the most wanted update for GTA V and it is expected to get released in spring. Players will have the opportunity to indulge in co-operative heists with other mercenaries and difficult missions will be exceptionally rewarding. The gangster open world game is all about robbing and if heists are rolled out as an update, it is expected to be hugely popular on both platforms. Apart from all the confirmed spring updates, Rockstar is also planning to bring out a holiday themed update and a story mode DLC which will bring in a fresh campaign. The exact release dates for the updates have not been revealed but it is expected to roll out between the next three months or so before spring season ends. Do you think Rockstar will introduce Heists as promised?

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