GTA 5 High Life Update Is Under Development, Rockstar Confirms

The entire player community was waiting eagerly for an official announcement and Rockstar has now confirmed it on their official blog.

The much awaited High Life update for GTA 5 is under development and will be released shortly. It is going to be an exciting time for Xbox 360 and PS3 players because the update will allow everyone to make use of the money they have earned by doing tough jobs. The online gangster world is filled with illegal jobs that players do by risking their lives and overcoming hard challenges but what use is cash unless you have ways to spend it. As the name suggests, it will be an update that is all about posh living and being the notable rich man in town.

Live Big

Once it starts rolling out to your console, you will be able to buy more than two apartments in the virtual city, store luxury cars in your garage, buy more in the store and even stay updated with the mood of fellow players. The news was officially confirmed by a Rockstar executive in their blog and as soon as the announcement came out, users thronged someone named Brain B who was in charge of the blog. They literally bombarded the person with questions that he could hardly answer because of the restrictions in place by the company. Yet he managed to reveal some interesting information. The high life update will have brand new apartments with luxurious interiors which you will be able to own and relax in the posh locale for as long as you love.

New Apartments

While GTA 5 is already a huge open ended game to explore, the developers Rockstar studios have been introducing new features that expands the already mammoth world. The high life update is one such which is expected to release in a couple of months. Initially, multiple users in the blog opined that the update will simply allow them to purchase more than one luxury apartment but the user Brain from the company confirmed that there will be completely new high end apartments to own. Apart from this most wanted feature, it will also introduce plenty of new stuff but Rockstar has been keeping them under wraps for months now.

They are looking forward to keeping the suspense high until the release date and surprise players at the most unexpected moment. Meanwhile, a majority of the gaming community has been strongly urging Rockstar to come up with an announcement for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. The game is available only on the older gen platforms and not even on PC which has irked a group of players. The petition to bring it on computer has reached over 700,000 signatures and it is growing at a strong pace. There is some leaked information that suggests that an official announcement can be expected towards the end of the year in August or so but it is pure speculation. Just hope they will bring on out soon to other platforms.

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