Google Maps – How this Free Download Can Help Small Businesses Grow?

Google is usually the first thing people think of when someone talks about the internet.

No sphere of the internet, and even life, remains untouched by Google today. The tech giant is always coming up with more and more ways to get everyone online – even those, who would have otherwise never thought of creating an online presence. With Google Places, Google Map was able to point out the exact location of several small and large businesses. Here is how Google Maps helps small businesses grow.

Mapping Resources for Small Businesses

Google understands that small businesses do not have the resources to secure very savvy online presence. It also recognizes that small businesses require an online presence to help them grow and achieve their full potential. Earlier, businesses could list themselves on Google Places, and a small map would point out their exact location and even give you directions if you wanted to visit them. Now, Google Maps has come up with an entirely new line of technology, known as Indoor Maps.

Indoor Maps Technology

The Indoor Google Maps is a great new technology that allows you to take virtual tours through museums, historic locations, malls and many other places. If you have a small business, located in a crowded commercial space, you can use Indoor Maps to help people visit you virtually. This is especially useful for businesses that are unable to get enough footfall simply because they are located at an inconvenient location. They will get more online traffic and will get the same, if not more, visibility as they would in the real world.

Why Should Small Businesses Use This Technology?


Small businesses usually feel content after creating their websites. However, to have shoppers walk in, a virtual tour of your facility can be much more appealing. Online maps as well as location data can be really useful when combined with the tried and tested traditional business practices. When the regular neighborhood businesses and stores go online, it creates more of a buzz than anything else does. This is not only free marketing, but also a huge relief from several overhead costs.

What’s the Pull?

For small businesses, the best thing about this technology is that it is absolutely free. Google is offering their services to create an indoor map of their businesses without charging them anything. As more and more people go online for their business, small businesses have this great opportunity to do something out of the box without overextending themselves unnecessarily. What was seen only as technology within reach of large businesses is now being offered to small businesses as well. If they are able to use all the available tools, it can be a great boost to them. As online shopping grows at a never before pace, this could be a useful weapon to have in the arsenal. The only trick is to have small businesses see the benefit of going online with this technology.

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