Google Maps Free Download – Additional Features in New Version

If you have visited Google Maps lately, either in your mobile or your PC, you would have probably noticed some new features and a few changes.

This is because Google is bringing out a revamped version of Google Maps, so here are some of the expected changes you might find in the coming few weeks or may already be seeing.

Reporting Real Time Traffic

The new interface of Google Maps in 2014 will show a real time traffic feature. This will inform the users about the projected distance of his or her walk, cycling or car/bus travel, based on the ongoing traffic pattern.

A Related Result Feature

Another introduction to Google Maps is the related result feature. This feature will be present within the map itself. With the help of this, users will be able to see the location that they are currently searching for and also nearby locations of similar interest. The related results can be noted or seen in the top left hand side of the scree. For instance, if you are looking at a coffee joint in a particular location, other such joints in the location or nearby will also pop up on the left upper part of the screen.

Accessing Reviews

When you click on a particular location in the Map, you will also be able to easily access reviews along with cost indicators for that place. You can also make comparisons between your chosen location and the related results shown by Google, by seeing the number of stars that the particular restaurant or any other place has received in comparison to the chosen one. This information is readily available, so this places additional pressure on hotels and restaurants and other business owners, being forced to list themselves with Google+ in order that they are visible to users. If the business has a strong Google+ presence, they will be mentioned more in the Google Maps and viewers will be able to access the information sooner.

Planning your Trip

You can use the tool offered by Google Maps for planning your next trip. For instance, if you want to visit California and you don’t know your way around, how to reach there and so on, you can go to the Maps and just click on one single attraction where you would like to begin your trip. If you click on the + symbol beneath the search bar and then add the next place to visit, you will be provided with the best path to follow, for the entire tour in the whole state, based on the locations you have listed. If you change your mind about a particular destination, you can just change the order of the location or delete it completely, so that the route gets adjusted again accordingly.

Media Features made Richer

You can also get a richer media experience, as you can explore many places before you actually decide to go to the location. For instance, you can view three-dimensional pictures of the location through the image carousel that you find on the lower part of the screen. You can also view high definition pictures of any vacation spot, in order to help you make a decision. The Pegman, is actually your virtual tour guide, which can show you around the projected tour location and see the streets and locations of around fifty countries and counting.


Google Maps is offering a vast and expansive interface where you can seamlessly implement all these features, so you can expect all these coming soon. There has already been a complete change in the user interface, with a map that fills the entire screen and an innocuous search bar. The search bar already offers plenty of functionality, for specific addresses of apartments, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and so on. You can also access dynamic routing and related information wherever you click on the map, with cards moving dynamically holding different sets of information.

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