Google Android Wear to be dubbed LG G Watch

The smartwatch market has not been as successful as many expected, but as with many other products experiencing relative slow starts, it may just be the slow beginning to a great innovative success. Although it is not a new invention as Motorola and Sony have both taken their shot amongst other manufacturers at this market. In 2013, we saw Samsung’s Gear smartwatch and in 2014 Samsung left the forked Android OS to replace it with the improved Tizen OS for use in their Gear 2 watches.

LG to Manufacture Android Wear

Although Google worked on its Google Glass rumors were going around that, they might also produce their own version of smartwatch. Google revealed that the Glass is not a finished product, but a living prototype, whereas the G Watch will be a true consumer wearable. In March 2014, it was officially confirmed that we could expect the Google Android Wear later this year. LG is suspected to be the manufacturer, although several manufacturers have signed up with Google in delivering the needed hardware. If rumors are to be believed, it will be called the LG G watch.

Features and Specifications

Very little has been unveiled, but it is rumored that the smartwatch will have a 1.65-inch display and internal storage of 4GB. When LG announced the intended Google Android watch would employ a rectangular design. They also released a render on their official Facebook Page clearly depicting the prototype from various angles.

  • The watch will indeed be made from plastic
  • The band will be replaceable
  • There will be no visible buttons
  • Original strap to be white
  • Front panel color is black
  • Watch body is gold
  • Display will be “always on”
  • It will include a “OK Google” function, which is its voice-activated search function
  • Dust resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Wide range of sensors in available apps, which includes heart rate monitor and accelerometers
  • Actionable and glance able information throughout the day
  • The G watch will not feature a camera
  • Touch Screen capability

When Can We Expect to See the New G Watch?

Reports were that the watch is solid however, the pictures of the device seems to depict the opposite especially when compared to other devices in the same market. It is expected that Google will have more details on the new release as well as the expected release date of the smartwatch later this year. Between June 25 and June 26 Google has a Press Conference scheduled and it is expected to unveil more information. However if rumors are to be believed it may be available to consumers in the United Kingdom shortly after the press conference.

LG G Watch Expected Price

Although it is still only rumors as with all unreleased devices, there are always estimated expected prices. It is expected to sell at less than 180 U.K. pounds or less than $300.

We will have to wait a few more months, however it is suspected that the watch may emerge as the dominant platform of Google and not comparable to Google Glass, which works on much the same principle. However, the Google Glass can hardly be called discreet although it is comfortable, the smartwatch on the other hand may just be Google’s flagship.

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