Get Ready to Wait 10 Years for Fallout 4 Release Date

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If you are an ardent fan of the series, you would already know that there was a decade in development between Fallout 2 and Fallout 3 titles.

The player community is so strong that they managed to wait a whole ten years before a new version of the game got released. Even though you wouldn’t love if we say three years have gone and only seven more to go, this could very well be the situation at the moment.

Bethesda didn’t confirm a release date even in the slightest manner and Obsidian entertainment the company that created the New Vegas is now busy with three different titles. Yet, no one is ready to give up on the series yet because it is one of the most action packed and addictive RPG yet set in a post-apocalyptic world. While the developers have been keeping silent on the release date and just said that they will share when there is news to reveal, a slew of hoax creators have started using the situation to their advantage.

Hoaxes All Along

The Survivor 2299 hoax is the most elaborate of them all with complete artwork, a storyline and pictures. It was so authentic that everyone assumed it to be an indirect message from the publishers Bethesda until it was finally revealed that it was nothing but a hoax. The survivor is now back again but he has claimed that his website now deals with a mod which is being designed for Fallout 3 and it will get released in time. From time to time, news and speculations come out of the media claiming various features but so far the legit one is the interview that Todd Howard had with the media a while ago. He confirmed that players have to wait longer until an announcement can be made.

Going by the recent trend with no official announcement on the Fallout 4 title, players are quite frustrated at the moment because of Bethesda’s silence. The director Howard speaking to the media said that the team was hugely impressed with the level of detail some mods brought about to the Skyrim game and they will definitely consider adding more support for the mod community with their future titles.

Mod Support

The Fallout series is known for its mods but the developers will usually limit the functions which will require players to bypass a variety of security components before they can make the necessary changes. It is an integral aspect on the PC version of the game and with the next gen consoles that use PC-like architecture; it won’t be surprising to see if they come up with on the console as well on release date. Obsidian entertainment did a great job in New Vegas but it is disappointing to know that they are not the team which is working on a new Fallout 4 game. The team is rather busy with other releases and the studio which is working on the title is yet to be confirmed. Bethesda will definitely bring out a game. So, it is not a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ because a release date is the only official confirmation that you could get.

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