Free Instagram for PC Continues to Grow in Popularity over Facebook

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Facebook has been one of the biggest success stories in the world and not just the Internet industry.

It has managed to go from one man’s thinking in a dorm room to become a place that connects people from all over the world. The fact that Facebook has more than 1 billion users on a planet that has 7 billion people speaks volumes about the popularity. However, it has been suggested in recent times that Facebook has actually been declining in popularity due to people getting bored of it.

Facebook on the Decline

This has been the major plague for Internet giants, as they have been unable to sustain interest over a large period of time. Companies like Microsoft have been able to survive for more than three decades, but the likes of MySpace and several other social networking giants have not been able to do so. There is a concern that Facebook would also meet with a similar fate in the latest study by a group of analysts does not spell good news for the company, which only recently went on the stock market.

Rise of Instagram

The stock listing has changed the profile of the company, which is now valued at several billion dollars. However, this latest study reveals that Instagram, which was brought by Facebook themselves for $ 1 billion, could actually overtake its parent company in terms of popularity. Instagram has just one basic function – to share photos with your friends and the public. However, the free Instagram has been taken to another level due to the presence of cool effects, which are matched by few apps.

Instagram started out as an app in the Apple Store, but it has become more than that in recent years. It is now available on almost every platform, while users have been unable to get Instagram on PC. Instagram PC does not lose much functionality of the original app itself.

Teen Survey Comes out with Shocking Results

Recently, a group of Internet analysts did a survey in order to determine the popularity of Facebook vs popularity of Instagram. The results have been surprising to say the least. All the votes taken into consideration were from teens in the average-income to upper-income category. More than 5000 have taken part in this survey, which has shown that the youth are getting tired of Facebook. Independent studies have claimed that Facebook is now getting more and more parents and middle-aged people onto the platform.

This has resulted in teens shying away from the platform in order to maintain their privacy. Instagram PC has been one of the areas where they have taken refuge. More than 30% of the teens who took the survey said that they would rather prefer Instagram over Facebook. Despite this result, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will have little to worry about the immediate future of his company. The advertising sales continues to be a major source of the revenue and positive results from this quarter has helped the company share prices to zoom to new heights.

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