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Clash of Clans is a free, addictive game involving strategy, planning and combats. Players must raise an army consisting of barbarians and dragons and other war wizards or fighters.

They then join a clan of other players and have to rise to the top in the competition. They can also create their own clan and start contesting with others till they reign supreme among all other clans. Strategy games are becoming very addictive these days and such a free to play game allows gamers to raid one another’s village with their dragons and wizards. Here are some tips and strategies to help you come out on top of the heap.

Defense with Walls

The player can access wooden walls for defending his base and these walls are accessible at even a low level in the game. They may not be worth much in higher levels when high-level barbarians start attacking your base. Try upgrading these wooden walls quickly to level 3 or 4, as they can offer a strong defense so that there are no pathways for entry.

Trophy Farming

If you are farming in Clash of Clans, the best way to do this is by lowering the trophies to below 200 and then farming with the goblins. The game system works in such a way that it finds an enemy for you based on the amount of trophies you have. A low level player won’t have too many trophies. If you also lower your trophies, you can get a low level or easy opponent, but you will also get a lesser amount of loot, so you must also use your troops.

Use Goblins

You can use the cheapest troops, which consist of the goblins. You only need some 20 to 40 goblins for raiding a not so well protected village and can get away with about 30k of gold and elixir. Lowering your trophies is very easy and you can do this by training only the goblins and search for battles. Keep skipping fights till you locate the correct one.

Getting and Saving Free Elixirs

This tip will not work if you have more than 30 seconds after upgrading a troop or a full army. Just before 30 seconds, cue up your troop, which you are upgrading, and check out that you have a full army. When you finish the upgrade, untrain your troops and you will get a free Elixir. The next step consists of saving this elixir. You can do this when you are offline .You have to ensure that the camps are full and then fill the barracks with bombers. Go offline with about 100,000 elixirs. When you get back online, unload the barracks at once and you will get all the elixir back.

Use the Revenge Option

When some rival raid camp attacks your camp and all your defenses are down, the first thing you should do is to get back into action as soon as possible. It is sad to see your base falling and especially so when you were away. You can immediately take Revenge by using this option to attack and do damage to those who attack you. You are able to view the opponent’s base when you use the Revenge option, so ensure that you know the location of the goodies, the Town Hall, so that you can make a well-prepared revenge raid on your opponent.

Using Lightning Spells

The attributes on the lightning spells can be used for destroying defenses of your opponents. When attaching with the use of tier 1 units, you can use 2 lightning spells to destroy a Mortar. With the help of 3 lightning spells, you can destroy the Air Defense if the level is high. With 4+ lightning spells, you can destroy the Wizard Tower or even the strongest of Mortars.

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