Free Antivirus – The Best Downloads for the Year 2014

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You can find plenty of free antivirus software for your phone and computer today.

However, not all of these software are ideal for protecting your computing devices and your smartphones. Since there is a lot of such software in circulation, it becomes all the more difficult to choose one that would give you optimum protection. Here are some of the best free antivirus software for the year 2014.


The free version of this antivirus is extremely robust and unobtrusive. It keeps working in the background, without putting too much strain on your computer’s resources. This means, your computer will keep performing well even if you have a security scan running in the background. It does not prompt you to configure it or change any settings. It has been tried and it has proven great for blocking malware and for removal of viruses. It has also been great for independent testing in labs. It offers you phishing protection as well.

AVG Antivirus

AVG is a trusted name when it comes to virus protection. Though it is difficult to install on a system that is already infested with malware, it performs great on a malware free device. When installed on a device, it offers great malware protection and is even very effective for cleanups. It has a secure search toolbar, which can be used to search securely. Finally, it has several interesting features such as ‘do not track’, ‘Facebook View’, and much more. It also has a file shredder that helps you keep your computer completely secure.

Sophos Virus Removal

This is another simple and easy to use tool that can be installed quickly. Sophos has produced many trustworthy applications over the years, and all of its products are rated very highly. It does require installation, as opposed to some of the other cleanup tools. Every time you use it, you have to re-download it, which makes it slightly tedious. Other than that, this is a completely safe removal tool, which is able to remove most of the known malware. However, it is not as effective as some of the other antivirus software available in the markets is.

Panda Cloud Cleaner

If you are looking to use something fast, reliable and simple to use, Panda Cloud Cleaner is your best bet. This is very easy to install and offers very easy scanning as well. It has an excellent Boot Scan, which can handle even the toughest of malware. This is one of the best hands-on malware removal tools available and comes highly recommended by technology experts.

Malware Byte Anti Malware 1.70

Amongst both free and paid malware removal tools, Malware Byte Anti Malware 1.70 scores very high. The installation is swift and seamless, and there are no problems in cleaning up any malware. If is also able to swiftly detect and correct any malicious changes to your settings on Windows, therefore protecting your operating system from any malicious activity. Its only downside is that it does not offer any real time protection against virus attacks.

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