Free Antivirus Avira Comes out with New Security Options for Mobile Devices

The incredible growth of mobile devices over the last few years has now provided a new problem.

The security of data on the devices is now under threat. Gone are the days when the likes of viruses and malware only attack desktop PCs and laptops. These are now a threat for tablets and mobile phones as well.

This increased security risk has made several antivirus companies come out with free antivirus for mobile phones. This has been especially true in the case of Avira, which is one of the top free antivirus software available for download. The company has now upgraded the Avira antivirus software for iOS with several new improvements.

Major Improvements for Free Version

Avira has focused on providing the user with not only protection from virus and malware, but it will now protecting the user from human threats as well. The Avira antivirus for iOS will come with the ability to locate the device and safeguarding identity. These two features have been named as Locate Device and Identity Safeguard. The locate device feature will especially be appreciated by a lot of users since it will support up to five different android and iOS devices to help you locate the stolen phone.

Improvements in the Premium Version

The free version is not the only one to get an upgrade with these features. In fact, the premium version gets three more features added to the list. Called as the Avira Antivirus Security Pro, it is available for every android phone and tablet user. It will now provide features like the ability to monitor real-time browsing in order to prevent virus attacks. The software will also be providing hourly updates about the virus definitions. This will ensure that the phone is protected even from the latest viruses.

Finally, users will be able to call upon the full-fledged support feature whereby technicians will be on call to answer any possible queries.

Email Security

Security of the email has become a major issue with a reported 160 million users suffering from their passwords being stolen. The main feature of the Identity Safeguard is to prevent details such as the email information being stolen by malware. Using this feature, users will be able to identify whether any of their email information has been shared throughout the Internet. The scanner will also help the user to scan potential threats from their email and block them in an instant.

Even if any detail has been compromised, the app will sound an instant alert that will help prevent more identity theft.

Locate a Device

The iOS version of the free Avira antivirus will provide users with the ability to identify and locate as many as five devices, whether it be iPhone, iPad, android smartphone, or android tablet. The identification can be done using a simple call that can be made at any specified time. The mobile products manager of Avira antivirus said that they are especially proud of their latest updates, which will go a long way towards ensuring the maximum security of your phone.

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