Flappy Bird – The Iconic Free Download is Back Again

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Flappy Bird, one of the most popular mobile phone games of all times has finally made a comeback.

The game, which was taken off the market by its creator Dong Nguyen for some reason, was missed widely by users from all over the world. This news is certainly exciting, because people have been willing to pay over $1,000 for devices that came with the game installed. The game, which was hugely popular and addictive, was making more than $50,000 per day for its Vietnamese developer.

Flappy Bird – The Game

At first look, Flappy Bird does not seem to be anything out of the ordinary. A retro style game, with highly pixilated graphics, Flappy Bird had a simple yet challenging gameplay. All you had to do was to make the bird flap its wings so that it could fly. You also had to dodge a series of green colored pipes that blocked the bird’s way. If the bird crashed into any of the pipes, it would lose its life and you would lose all your progress. For some players, losing their progress is a terrible thing because then, they have to start all over again and it would take them a lot of time to gain their position back on the leaderboards.

Why Was the Game Removed?

The reclusive developer of the game, Dong Nguyen, has not really given any real reason behind his abrupt decision to pull the game off stores. He just said that the game was disrupting his life and was causing him a lot of distress. It ruined his simple life, he claimed. However, there is speculation that Nguyen may have been deeply affected by the death of a Chicago teen that was killed by his own brother over a dispute about the game. Before taking the game off the app stores, Nguyen tweeted that though the game was a success, it disrupted his life, and therefore he couldn’t help but hate it.

Why is Flappy Bird Back?

Flappy Bird was a huge commercial success and raked in a lot of money for its developer. It is no surprise then that he wants to bring the game back – it just makes a lot of commercial sense. Bringing the app back also gives Nguyen the opportunity to develop the game further. Though according to Nguyen’s agreement with Apple, an app will only be deleted if it is ready to retire and then it can be offered for sale or download in the future, it seems that apple wants to cash in on the game’s success too. However, this time though the app is back, it comes with a warning. The game now has a safety feature, which prompts you to take a break. So unless you do take a break, the game will not move forward. If this feature works with players, and has the intended effect, more games will emulate it and most time-passing games will have it installed to discourage players from getting addicted.

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