Flappy Bird – The Free Download that Refused to Die

Our world of technology keeps changing constantly. New technologies come appear and disappear every day.

Apps are invented, released on various app stores and then they die their natural death when replaced with better and more popular apps. However, there are also those apps that refuse to go down without a bang. Take for instance Flappy Bird, an app that created one of the biggest hypes that any game has ever been able to create. The game came out of nowhere and rose to the top of the charts. It also vanished just as quickly as it had come, leaving behind millions of angry fans who cried foul.

Flappy Bird – The Success Story

At first look, Flappy Bird is not even your ordinary, run of the mill games. It has nothing that conventional gamers would consider appealing. In fact, it is a highly pixilated, retro style game with very crude graphics and a very simple gameplay. All you have to do is to have a bird fly around by flapping its wings. To do this, you have to continuously tap the screen and keep the bird afloat. The twist is that you also have to dodge a lot of columns that sprout out of nowhere and block the bird’s way. In trying to avoid hitting these columns, is the real appeal of the game. The game play is so simple that not being able to ace it makes you feel frustrated. This in turn makes you want to keep playing so that you can beat the scores of your friends.

What’s Happening With the Game?

While it was still very popular, the game was pulled out from the various app markets by its creator Dong Nguyen. Though the game was bringing in a lot of revenue, it was also bringing a lot of unwanted attention to the game’s reclusive Vietnamese creator. He felt that the game was making his simple life too complicated and therefore he needed to get rid of it. So without a warning, he pulled it out. Yet, after a lot of deliberation, and perhaps evaluation of its commercial appeal, Dong has decided to re-release the game. It would soon be back in circulation.

The Flappy Bird Craze

Flappy Bird left a lot of ruing in its wake. People were ready to offer thousands of dollars for buying phones that had the game installed on it. There have been numerous attempts at recreating the game and a rising number of clones or similarly themed games have risen in the last few months. The aim was simply to recreate the popularity of the game and give players a taste of one of the most popular games of all times. Surveys kept on pegging Flappy Bird to the top of the popularity charts, even long after it was pulled from the app stores. With news that Flappy Bird may soon be coming back to the stores, players have something to cheer about once again.

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