Flappy Bird Free Download – A Victim of its Success

Flappy Bird was a popular game for mobile devices, but it has offered plenty of interesting twists and turns generating a lot of controversy in recent months.

The game became immensely popular during the beginning of 2014, and more so due to the simple controls combined with the frustrating difficulty of levels. It was released in May 2013, but it has been pulled off the app stores on February 9th 2014. As a result, there are a lot of other clones available on the Internet, created on the lines of Flappy Bird and hoping to cash in on its early demise. There were also many users who had put up their mobile phones for sale, as these had the game pre installed in them. After its demise in the app store, the game has started capturing much more attention.

Cause of Controversy

The main purpose of the game is to make the bird fly through the gaps present in between the pipes. By tapping on the screen, the player is able to make the bird flap its wings and fly higher. If it stops flapping, the bird falls on the ground and if you touch any part of the pipes, the bird dies and the game ends.

There was a lot of criticism regarding the difficulty of the game play and the frustration it created among players. Apart from this factor, the game was also criticized as it was said that the developer had plagiarized the content from the Mario games by Nintendo, with pipes looking similar to those in that game. The game had reportedly been bringing in about $50,000 per day for the developer Dong Nguyen. Under normal circumstances, this is a dream situation for any game developer, but all this negative publicity soon started having disastrous effects on the developer.

According to his tweet on 8th February 2014, the game had been ruining his simple life and he had started hating it, therefore deciding to remove it from the play stores. All he wanted to do was to create a game that people could play for a short time for relaxing, but it had become too addictive. It had actually become a victim of its very own success and had brought so much grief to its developer.

Story Continues

Once the game had been pulled out of the stores, it could no longer be downloaded. However, what happened next was that there were several phones that had the game installed on the device selling for ridiculous prices at auction sites. However, many of such listings have also been pulled down from the sites.

A lot of other wrong rumors have also started to go viral after the game was removed. For instance, there was a website that spread the news that the developer had committed suicide on account of pressure and demand from users and players, whereas another website suggested that a teenager in Chicago had killed his sibling due to a problem related with the game and so on.

Appearance of Clones

Today, you don’t need to have the Flappy Bird game download in your device, as there are many other clones that are similar to this game, with many online versions of the game, such as Flappy Doge. You need to be careful, however, as there are many scammers who are ready to take advantage of the situation. Many of these memes or copycat applications will ask users permissions and these enable the creators to use text messages of peoople or give them access to other personal information, so one needs to be careful while downloading such game apps.

As for the money being raked in from the game, even though it has been pulled off the racks, there are many existing players and users who are continuing to play the game on their mobile devices and the ad impressions are still contributing money towards the game.

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