Flappy Bird – An Era Ended but Will another Begin?

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Do you have a knack for playing games that are tough?

Some gamers love the thrill of clearing levels that are really hard. It gives them an extra edge and a push of adrenaline to know that there are games that are meant to test their skill. Flappy bird used to be one of those games. While the game had an average graphic display, it was the tough levels that made it such an addicting choice for many.

Is Flappy Bird Impossible to Play?

Impossible is an extremely subjective term because what seems impossible for someone might be doable for others. However, one cannot deny the fact that Flappy bird is counted among one of those games that has some notoriously difficult levels. People found it really hard to clear some levels because even after putting in their best, the bird just kept crashing and dying.

However, it would be wrong to say that the levels were impossible to clear. Sadly, there is no way to know right now because the game has been discontinued. The developer of the game took the game down because he thought that rather than serving as a means of enjoyment, the game was robbing people of their peace of mind.

While the developer initially stated that the game has been permanently discontinued, he has changed his opinion recently. There was a statement that was released which indicated that there will be a newer, improved and a better version of the game to be released soon. The official date for the release and the changes that will be launched continues to remain a mystery as concrete details of the same have not been shared.

Will the New Game Be Successful?

Ever since the news was released, there has been a lot of buzz and excitement among gamers. Everyone wants to speculate as to whether or not; the new version will be successful. There are plenty of questions like, if the new version is going to bring in major changes and are there going to be change of graphics. No one can have a clear clue about the details as the developer has not shared any concrete details.

However, it is likely that the coin will fall on one of the extremes. Either the game will become an even bigger hit because too many gamers are desperate to have their hands on Flappy bird once again or the game is going to flop miserably.

It is highly unlikely that there will be an average response for the new version of Flappy bird. However, to actually know the verdict, all we can do is wait till the announcement. Unless the game is released once again, we can only be nostalgic and talk about what made Flappy bird such an instant hit among everyone.

No doubt, those who didn’t even play Flappy Bird once have actually missed something phenomenally big in their life. You should not miss the new version at least. However, how long you may have to wait for it is a tough question to answer.

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