Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Registered, Release Date Announcements Expected

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The final call is purely yours because there has always been one update or other related to the Fallout 4 game even though the original company behind the game, Bethesda hardly makes any official statements.

There was some speculation that the voice actor has been called in for an untitled work by the company and later an elaborate hoax that Survivor 2299 pulled off but this one is not a rumor or a speculation. It is confirmed news and comes from an official source but can you actually rely on a simple trademark filing to confirm that the game is coming? Actually, you can, because it is not just any other trademark. It is related to the game itself. ZeniMax Media, the owner of Bethesda Softworks and publishers of the title has recently filed a trademark for Nuka Cola.

Trademarks Registered In Three Categories

Players who have spent hours and hours in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 3 will instantly recognize that this is a popular drink in the fantasy world. The company has officially filed for a patent for this cola under three different categories and all of them sound interesting because they boost the possibilities of a release date that is imminent. Among them, one of the trademarks refers to computer games software to be used with computers and video game consoles. It also verifies the use of the cola patent in computer game software that is downloadable through the internet and other wireless devices.

T-shirts Coming Up

The information is specific and Nuka Cola will be part of Fallout 4 but it also confirms that they are filing for two different marketing related patents as well. A publisher may go for marketing patents simply to secure their rights at an earlier time but it’s been three years since the release of New Vegas and they might actually be gearing up to make an announcement. The two different patents are for t-shirts and internet services that purely indicate that they refer to merchandise and marketing content that will be used to promote the title to a wider audience. Players have been waiting for months and years now to get a word from Bethesda on the game title but this trademark is the closest that you could get at the moment.

The game will most probably be set in Boston and forums are busy discussing on possible features that could be part of the game on release date. Bethesda Softworks might be preparing to make a formal announcement during the E3 2014 expo or they could at least show off a teaser related to the game that will be more than enough for fans to hold on to. The point is to get the company to speak at one point or the other. The next gen consoles have been displaying huge potential in terms of sale that is set to change the gaming industry for good. The E3 2014 conference is definitely a great platform to showcase one of the most anticipated titles and we can hope the publisher will choose to do so without disappointing the huge player community.

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