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Facebook is on a roll again, with a lot of new updates and interesting additions to its social networking platform.

Today, Facebook launched a news aggregator tool, called the FB Newswire. This way, Facebook feels that it can make it much easier for all journalists to find newsworthy content and embed it into the social networking website directly. This has a two-way benefit – first the newsroom content will be related to mass public much sooner and easier, and second, people will be able to get noteworthy news as soon as it is released by various newsrooms.

What Is FB Newswire?

This is a special aggregator tool that will work as a special Facebook page that has several hand selected news stories, verified by real journalists. These news stories will then be spread across the platform by people who want to read the news and share it with their contacts. The app is specially designed for journalists, who can now embed all newsworthy items – including pictures, videos, interviews, opinions, and polls directly to Facebook. This can then be made public by Facebook users through their status updates, likes, and shares. It will also help journalists find newsworthy content from their Facebook feeds and use them in their newsrooms.

How Does Facebook Factor In?

Every day, millions of users share news on Facebook. This news is sometimes real and sometimes just viral marketing. A lot of fake news has been traveling on Facebook, and the FB Newswire can help curb such malpractices. Facebook makes a lot of news, and what could be a better platform to share genuine, authentic and ground breaking news than to share it on Facebook and let people discover it. As users begin to use the FB Newswire, Facebook envisages them becoming real participants in news making events occurring all over the world. Facebook is very confident about this new venture and are sure that this effort would help journalists create authentic stories, using authentic sources and that it will aid in their newsgathering and reporting efforts.

How Authentic Will the News Be?

This is a question that is most pertinent – how can one be sure of the veracity of news seen on Facebook? The FB Newswire will be powered by a Storyful – a company that discovers social content verifies it for various newsrooms. They will verify and aggregate the newsworthy content that users share publicly with each other on Facebook, and then relay these items to journalists and organizations all over the world so that they can use this information in their own reporting. This will include photographs, status updates and other information posted by people who are involved in the newsworthy events such as protests, sporting events, elections and much more. The greatest pull here is that the content used in FB Newswire will be completely original – photographs, videos, status updates, and any other content that is considered newsworthy will come directly from the people involved in the events. The Newswire feed will be updated in real time, as and when top news content keeps updating.

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