Download Comodo – Free Antivirus for Your Android Phone

Comodo Mobile Security software is among on the of the highest rated free antivirus softwares for Android devices.

It is an all round software which offers much more than just free protection for your device. It offers real time security against all known as well as emerging threats. In addition, it keeps your system optimized, helps you locate your phone in case of theft and protects your privacy.

The Antivirus

Comodo has a great antivirus scanner, specially optimized for Android powered devices. It also has a mobile security manager that protects you against all known viruses, potentially harmful apps and risky settings on your device. The virus protection is always on, and you can run the scanner whenever you want to keep your device safe. The antivirus also offers one touch scan as well as scheduled scans. Comodo has a very interesting feature called the ‘health check’, which identifies viruses and prevents you from downloading any unsafe apps. If you have potentially risky settings on your device, this feature will warn you to change them.

Software Manager

Apart from being an antivirus, Comodo also acts as a software manager. You can use this to view all your installed apps and take a backup. You can also uninstall them, restore uninstalled items and choose whether to remove, uninstall, install or delete items from your phone. Additionally, you can also use the software to create white and black calling lists. The black lists contain contacts that you want to block. You can also block or filter messages by using certain keywords. Comodo also gives you your ‘private space’ where you can make private calls, send and received text messages and keep contacts that you do not want anyone else to access. Finally, the software comes with an anti-theft protection that allows you to locate your phone remotely. You can also wipe off your personal data, lock the device or take a photograph of its processor remotely.

System Optimizer and Task Scheduler

Comodo gives you full control over all the running processes of your android device. You can take a look at how many processes are running and how much memory is used by each. You can also close any applications that are taking too much of power. It automatically cleans the temporary files from your cache so that they cannot slow your phone down. The task scheduler lets you automate all your antivirus tasks. You can schedule regular scans, preset times for one off scans and schedule specific tasks for it. The antivirus also comes with a privacy advisor, and anti theft protection – both of which work excellently to protect your phone. If your phone is misplaced, stolen or lost, you can easily recover them using the tracker. You can also remotely lock your phone and protect your private data from falling into the wrong hands. The antivirus also lets you take a backup and keeps a track of your data usage so that you do not exceed the limits on your plan.

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