Cutting Calling Costs with Free Calling Apps Download

There have been many free calling apps posted on the internet over the years.

These apps take advantage of VOIP AND Wi-Fi for their runtime operations. One of the outstanding characteristics of free calling apps is inherent in the word free. These apps offer users an opportunity to make calls at an almost negligible cost. They are popularly referred to as free because you only use your internet units which you would still pay for, even if you didn’t use the app. The free calling apps are also credited with adding revolutionary ways of communication to the calling platform. Many of the free calling apps provide many alternatives to making contact with the intended recipients. Some of these alternative contact modes include video calls, texting and sharing of files. In addition, you can also make conference calls on many of them.

The Common Ground for the Free Calling Apps

Free calling apps allow you to make unlimited calls and send text messages without twitching your eye as to how much you will be required to pay.

Some Available Free Calling Apps on the Internet Platform


This is an app that allows you to make calls and send messages for free. In addition, the app is not limited by geographical barriers. You can make your calls from anywhere in the world where you can connect to the internet. So far LINE is used in over 231 countries across the world. It has managed to entice over 390 million users worldwide. The app is widely used in many Asian countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, UAE, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong and Thailand among others. It is also widely present in other places such as Mexico, Russia and Switzerland.

Other Free Calling Apps on Wi-Fi

There are several other Wi-Fi calling apps that can help users save a significant amount of money. The following apps allow free calls on your smartphones, Android, iPhones and several other devices.

Kakao Talk

It is a new app that allows smartphones to make free calls to receivers of their choice, so long as they are using similar devices. The app is one of the few that do not require you to register a user name and subscribe with personal details as most apps do. It uses your phone number to identify you. KakaoTalk is currently used on Android devices, BlackBerry and Windows phone. The app is versatile because you can use both Wi-Fi and 3G Network systems.


Make your tablet call or use your Android device to make calls using WiCall. The app uses VOIP to make free calls over the internet. It is also offered on a prepaid plan which enables you to use make Wi-Fi calls for a year without charge. You don’t enter any contracts or plans with WiCall in order to make calls on this app. Your make calls by bypassing the usual phone service carrier. You make contact using your Wi-Fi connection.


The Android app activates the Wi-Fi on your phone and makes contact with another phone of whatever make. It even makes calls to landlines. Pinger grants you a unique number which you use to make these calls anywhere in Canada and the USA. You are not under any obligation to subscribe to any calling plan. Callers on other devices can also make contact with you on Pinger.

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