Confused About Social Network Apps? Here’s the Lowdown on the Top 5

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We hear about social media and networking so frequently that it can seem like these programs are taking the place of in-person mingling.

If you are curious about all the fuss, perhaps it is time you joined the 21st century by signing up with one of these popular networks. You can get in touch with friends you haven’t seen in years, talk with your neighbor without leaving the house, or spy on your ex-boyfriend. Whatever your motivation, social sites are the place to meet and mix with people. Here are 5 of the best social network apps out there. Try one of these and you will surely be hooked.


We will start with the top dog. Facebook is where all the people who love you are, even your grandma. Seriously, with a HUGE user base and applications built just for it, Facebook is the king of the social network mountain. You can find out anything about just about anybody on here. Want to know what your best friend from Kindergarten thinks about 5 Guys Burgers? You can find that out here. It is also useful for things besides obscure knowledge about former classmates. You can connect with brands and products for discounts and contests.  You can message your favorite radio show host.  You can post pictures shaming your dog or embarrassing your kids. The possibilities are truly endless. If you are not on Facebook, you probably should try it out first.


Twitter allows users to broadcast brief messages to all the people that follow them.  It is simple a simple and fun way to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions. You can follow anyone from your favorite celebrities to your best friend and be alerted when they post anything. Alternately, you can shout out whatever you want, from what you had for lunch to your opinion on dental floss, and people who follow you will get your message. You can now tweet pictures, and people can re-tweet, comment, or follow you based on not just your funny messages, but from your funny pictures as well.


I have to admit that I am an addict of Pinterest. This app lets you “pin” links to websites and photos to your virtual message boards. You can create as many message boards as you would like and name them accordingly. After creating your boards you can start collecting pins to place on them, either from other members or websites. It is a great way to share ideas. You can quickly search all the pins for ones that are what you need to know about and check out the pictures or go to the originating website.  Your boards are searchable by others, and you build a following of like-minded people. It is really addictive.


The invention of the camera phone has lead to the taking of billions of pictures.  Instagram is a social site where you share those pictures. You can edit your photos, apply filters, and apply tags all from within the app. Once you have pictures you are happy with, you post them to your page and people view and comment on them. You develop followers and increase in popularity when you post pics people like and share frequently.


For those of you who crave real human interaction, Badoo is perfect. This app helps you connect with people who are in your vicinity. You find people with similar interests in your area and set up coffee or lunch. It’s a fun way to make friends that you can spend time with off-line.

Social networking is going to do nothing but increase over time. Get involved with a site you like today, or you will be left behind.

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