Clash of Clans Free Download – Top Tips for Farming

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Farming is a better way of life while playing Clash of Clans.

High-end troops can drain a lot of your resources and even passive methods of getting resources are not of much use. When you play at very high levels, it can be quite scary, as wins are not easy to come by and it becomes very difficult to get resources for making improvements in your village. This is the time to drop trophies deliberately and then stomp lower level villages. But it requires a lot of skill in deciding whom to attack.

Dropping Trophies

In Clash of Clans, farming consists of making attacks with the aim of stealing resources and not bothering about gaining or losing trophies. In farming, you attack players who have towns that are weaker than your own. This means that the player has to move to a lower league or trophy zone. For instance, if you have 4 troops you could probably get about 2000 trophies, but it is difficult to attack players having a similar strength or even those who are stronger than you. On the other hand, in farming, you can control your trophies and actually lose matches on purpose in order to drop trophies. You need to drop to a low trophy level of around 300 or 400 and start searching for big loots. Try winning with only a single star or just drop trophies, if you think you are going too high.

Strategic Designing

In farming, you have to design the town in such a manner that other players will not be able to access your storage. The storage should ideally be placed in the town center and should be surrounded by buildings. The town hall must be on the outside having additional walls that can be used for strengthening storages.

Be Aware of your Troop Cost

When you see the resources in a village, you should also be aware of the costs for attacking the village. You need to consider the cost of the entire army along with one third of this number. Otherwise, it could lead to negative progress when an assault leaves you with lesser resources than you first had. Also be alert to using spells when gold farming, as the loot must be pretty good to use spells on it.

Training Rate

While training troops, keep the training rate in mind. For instance, if you are raiding and have left your village without having full camps, troops would be training all the time, with about 3 minutes of troop training. If you have 4 barracks, you could typically use 28 archers for riding and when you get back to your village, the troops will be ready and trained to start raiding again.

Focus on the Goal

While observing an enemy camp with a lot of resources, you have a short time to decide whether to attack or not. If you are farming in Clash of Clans in the higher upgrades, you must have a goal regarding the types of resources you want to obtain. Here, it is better to aim for any one of the different resource types. It is not of much use to just get one good raid of a single resource, as you cannot purchase anything other than walls. The builders will be involved in building for a long time and you will only be able to spend one resource. If you have many resources, you will become a target for other farmers and will be giving them more options. If you spend too many troops while trying to get a resource that you are not able to use, you will not be able to harvest the goal resources in the next attack. Hence, it is important to have a single-minded goal and leave villages that lack in the particular goal resource.

Keeping the above tips in mind while farming in Clash of Clans can help you rack up those resources in a very short time.

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