Clash of Clans – Clan Wars Update for this Free Download

Clash of Clans has taken the gaming world by a storm.

In creating Clash of Clans, Supercell has truly created a game that has created many raging fans all over the world. The game, where you can create a village, collect resources such as elixir and gold, erect defenses, train troops, upgrade them, wage wars and win campaigns. You can raid other people and also try to complete achievements and win gems as well as experience points.

Clash of Clan Updates

The game has been updated several times, but never has it had a Clan Wars update, which is expected soon. This new update will allow clans to war with each other and farm their members for elixir and gold. This highly anticipated update comes after months of hard work. While Supercell has not released a clear date for the update, there is speculation that the wars could be starting anytime soon and the clans are updating themselves and preparing for the impending war. This update will be available for both Android and iOS devices at the same time.

Preparations for the War

Supercell knows that the Clan Wars are highly anticipated and therefore it has discounted the cost of collecting and boosting resources. If you want to boost your collections or upgrades, it will only cost you 1 gem and the boost will last for 24 hours. This boost will continue till the Clan Wars goes live. Supercell has given this boost only so that all the clans can adequately prepare themselves for this war.

What are Clan Wars?

A Clan War is nothing but a strategic battle that occurs between two or more clans. The duration for each war would be two days. First is the day for preparation when individual members can donate troops for the war and the battle day when the actual battle begins. The winning clan would get a large loot bonus. Each member who contributes in the war will earn some loot as well. In this war, the strength of the clan would not be determined by its trophies but the attacking power of the individual players and their defensive strength. Any war can only be started by the leader or co leader of the clans. Clan Wars matchmaking is similar to the other attack matchmaking mechanisms. However, the mechanism will only match clans who are even. They have to have the same number of war bases.

What Happens to Members?

If your clan is at war, it does not mean that your village is going to be affected. Every clan war occurs in a separate area. The war zone, where the battles occur, is not a part of your regular village. The first day of preparation is given to you to prepare your war base, where the war will occur. Your village’s resources, trophies and shields will never be affected by the war. If your clan is not matched evenly, you may even be put into spectator mode, so that you cannot take part in the Clan War, but can view it. This is done to evenly match the warring clans.

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