Clash of Clans – Attack Strategies to Ace this Free Download

For the fans of Clash of Clans, attacking right can be all the difference between a newbie and a seasoned player.

If you have been playing for a while, you no doubt know about the various strategies you could use to have a well executed raid on another player. Whether you are just trying to farm someone, or you want to take revenge, having the right attack strategy is very important. Here are some simple strategies to help you.

Distract and Destroy

For this strategy, you should upgrade your army camp to have a housing space of at least 150 soldiers. Your army should have two level 2 wall breakers, twelve level 2 giants, fifteen level 3 goblins, forty level 3 archers and forty level 3 barbarians. You can use your army of giants to distract the mortars and the wizard towers. Use the wall breakers to drill a hole in the wall near the giants so that they can enter. Once your giants are in, they will begin distracting all the defenses and you can send in your other forces to raid and pillage.

Giants and Healers Attack

Start by deploying your giants around the air defense. Deploy the wall breakers to give access to the giants. Once your air defenses are destroyed, deploy the healers and allow the giants to destroy the rest of the defenses. Meanwhile, you can send in the rest of the troops to collect as much gold and mana as is available.

Simple and Elegant

For this strategy, you should upgrade your town hall to at least level 5 and your army camp should have a housing space of at least 110 soldiers. Have 3 level 2 wizards, 3 level 1 balloons, 2 level 1 wall breakers 8 level 2 giants and 15 level 2 archers. If the village does not have air defenses or a wizard tower, just release all the balloons in one spot. If the village has air defenses and wizard towers, use the archers and giants to do as much damage as possible before releasing the balloons. Attack the defenses and then unleash the rest of the army to steal and pillage.

Bait and Surround

This is a simple strategy that does not require anything fancy. You can use this with a level 3 town hall. Just use a good number of giants 15-16 level 1 giants should be good enough for this. Also use about 10-15 wall breakers and use the rest of the space for archers. All your units can be level 1. To offer the bait, deploy three different teams of giants along the perimeter of a single wall. Then, deploy half of your archers along the same wall. As the defensive structures target the giants, the archers will destroy them. Use the rest of the archers to loot and raid. This is a very simple yet elegant way to win every time and get 3 stars on all your battles.

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