Choosing the Correct Free Antivirus Software for Business

One of the main problems facing a small business is cyber security.

Threat today comes in several forms and even the humble email is posing a huge threat towards the security of your small business. This is where the free antivirus software comes in and protects you from all forms of threats. However, choosing a free antivirus is easier said than done because of the several options available out there.


Small businesses largely deny the fact that they are prone to being affected by a potential threat. This is really putting them at a big risk with regard to the safety of their data. According to an online security specialist, virus attacks have changed over the years and are now capable of launching large-scale attacks. Previously, such attacks were limited to certain targets only and it is not the case now. Since small businesses often tend to think that they are not big enough to be targeted by such malicious threats, and they often overlook the need for a top-class antivirus program.

Several free antivirus software for download are available in the market today, but the user needs to know these applications much better in order to determine if they will be that efficient or not.

Inbuilt Firewall

Most operating systems now come with an inbuilt firewall, which should be turned on as the first line of defense. This is especially true in the case of the Windows operating system and the Mac OS. Both Microsoft and Apple came out with new versions of these operating systems, which come with much better firewalls than before. They should be activated first and foremost before looking at an antivirus program for download.

Things to Look for

There are several aspects one needs to look at in a free antivirus program and this begins from the approach that the program takes towards protecting your computer. Some programs do not offer features like scanning emails and attachments. In this day and age, this feature needs to be present without fail since emails and attachments have proven to be one of the first ways of infecting a computer.

Irrespective of the free or purchased versions, the antivirus program should come out with regular updates for the user. This takes care of any new malicious programs that may be coming up at regular intervals. This should be provided to the user in the form of virus definitions, which are also called as signatures.

Since a small business will have multiple computers involved, it makes sense to look for an antivirus program that will provide multiple user licenses. This helps to reduce costs significantly, as bulk purchases usually tend to provide discounts.

Businesses are also unlikely to have extremely powerful computers unless they have the need for such a device. Hence, the antivirus program that is about to be downloaded and installed should not be taking a huge footprint on the power reserves of the computer. Further, it should also be easy to remove the program if not necessary or if switching to another provider.

Taking such precautions will ensure that your small business survives without any problems.

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