Candy Crush Saga – Time for the Big Changes?

Almost each one of us has played candy crush saga at one time or the other.

The game was once considered as the top most game and it did manage to gross huge amount of money. Even now, it is fairly popular as there are people who diligently play the game every day. However, very recently, the developer of the game, King faced a major fall in shares that created a stir in the market.

When the New York stock exchange was opened last week, King suffered a major fall and people started speculating the final fall of the company. There were analysts who commented that King relied too much on a single game that was the cause of such a big downfall.

New Job Vacancies Have Opened

King has recently opened 165 new job openings and they are looking to make some new recruitment that can help them in improving the kind of performance that their games are offering. With so many new job openings, King is looking to hire efficient and skillful developers who can revamp the game and bring in better returns.

The huge fall in IPO has forced King to take some desperate measures. There have been no official comments so far and the key representatives of the company have refused to say anything on this matter. While there is no confirmation of official reports, it is very clear that King is clearly stressed about the slump in numbers.

Can Candy Crush Come Back On Top?

It is absolutely wrong to write off candy crush because the game still enjoys commendable level of popularity. While the shares have fallen down which indicates that there has been a little sloppiness, candy crush can definitely come back with a bang. One of the key aspects that can once again push candy crush to the top is new changes.

Gamers crave to play games that always have something new to offer. While there are unlimited levels in the games, it’s been quite a long time since people have been playing the same pattern all over again. The game badly needs some kind of change that is sure to make gamers addicted to it even more.

No doubt, the game development team at King has some serious thinking to do. Sometimes, companies end up taking wrong decisions in times of crisis and it is important for King to be sure of the changes they incorporate, given they choose do so.

There are too many points that must be kept in mind. When changes are being made, it is extremely important to make sure that the original feel and tempo of the game is not lost. While no major changes have been made so far, the upcoming days will tell us if candy crush is going to be affected by it. Relying on a single game can be a risky move and this is why King is likely to brain-storm some ideas and we will have to wait and see as to what are the measures that will be taken.

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