Candy Crush Saga – Things You Must Know About This Free Download

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Candy Crush Saga is a hugely popular game, and if you have ever played it, you will know how intriguing and challenging it can get.

Though the game seems to be easy enough in the beginning. It gets challenging as you move on. You may even get stuck on some of the levels and may not be able to move on without the help of some extra help. Candy Crush is essentially a freemium game, which is free to play, but has some paid features as well. If you are a fan of the game, you must know some of the interesting trivia about the game.

Candy Crush Levels

Candy Crush Saga is structured into worlds, episodes and levels. It has seven worlds, which are divided into a total of 38 episodes. Each of the episode is divided into 15 levels. This true for all episodes but episode one and two, both of which only have 10 levels each. There are a total of 5 types of levels. The first one is where you have a target score which can only be achieved using a particular number of moves. The second kind of level is where you have to clear all the jelly on the board. The third type of level is where you have some ingredients which can be brought down to the bottom of the board. You also have a fourth kind of level where you had to get an amount of points within a given time limit. The last type of level is one where you have to crush a given number of candies in a given number of moves. The second type of levels – the jelly type, make up for 43% of the total levels and recur more frequently.

Sugar Crush

At the end of each level, you find a sugar crush. Different levels bring different kinds of sugar crush effects at the end. In the moves type of levels, all the inactivated special candies are activated and you get more points. For the jelly levels, three candy fish come onto the board for every remaining move. They start eating candies randomly and you keep getting the points. In the ingredient level, one candy, for every remaining move, becomes striped and you get 3000 extra points for each of them. They then activate and you get all the points from that move as well. In the timed levels, any candies with +5 times will begin to explode like the wrapped candies and activate themselves. You will get all the extra points.


In a survey, most people reportedly told that they found the jelly levels the hardest to play. Level 350 is the most difficult and therefore the most hated levels of all. Most people have reported the maximum failure on this level. Timed levels are the only ones where you do not have the pressure of limited moves and therefore they are usually the most liked by all.

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