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Have you considered using Instagram to promote your business? If not, then it is time you did. Instagram is a social media site that allows users to share and tell stories through the use of pictures. It is a very popular site that can be quite easy to make a splash on, if you know how. The best tips will help you locate your target audience, and be sure that as many of them as possible see your pictures, follow your feed, or comment on your posts. Here are some of the tips I have used in my own business:

Tell the story of your company in the description box

When you create an Instagram account, you will find a box that allows you to describe yourself or your company. This is the ideal stage to present an in depth look at your company. Describe who you are and what you believe in, and give your consumers some insight into how you come up with ideas or how your office works. If you have specific goals or dreams, share them with the audience. Here is where you give all those potential customers that warm and fuzzy feeling so they will feel good about spending their money with you.

What is it that you make, do, or serve?

What are your products? Allow the things you create take center stage with beautiful artistic photography. Do you sell a product? Show your line and create a demand for your items. Are you a chef? Photograph your delicacies and entice diners to check out your fare. You get the idea. The most important part is that your photography is beautifully done. Ho Hum pictures will not garner you a following.

How are your products made?

You would be surprise how many people will be interested in seeing how your items are created. If you are a service organization, then focus on your technicians in action. Take pictures of you creating your paintings or sewing your fashion garments. These will intrigue people who are already fans and attract new people to your business.

Show people using your products in real life

These need not be staged events, but encourage customers to share the unique ways they use your products and services. This shows to consumers that your product is useful and adds value to daily life. If you provide a service, before and after shots are always a big hit. Have a line of colorful accessories? Get photos of clients wearing your accessories with their favorite outfits.

Give people a behind the scenes look at your office, events, and meetings

One great way to garner the loyalty of customers is to build a personal rapport with them. Let them meet and get to know your design team. Let them see a day in the life of your office. Put them in the truck with your service technicians. Let customers in on the design process and see upcoming products before they are released. Letting customers feel that they are a part of our company will grant you respect and sales.

Feature your customers

Show pictures of your customers using, enjoying, or wearing your product, and tell people who they are and why they use the product. Featuring your customers makes them feel invested in your success and makes them an advocate for your goods.

Instagram can be an excellent way to highlight your business, however, it takes time and devotion to creating a profile that is exciting and engaging for your customers. There has to be a reward in it for the consumer, otherwise they will not be driven to interact with your social media site.

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