Apple iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 2014 – Price and Specs Comparison

iPad Air is a premium tablet that does not have much competition.

But a full size tablet is not on everyone’s wish-list. Portability factor and price of the device plays a bigger role in the purchase decision. Therefore, you can see many people opting for 8-inch tablets. Let’s compare iPad Air and newly released Tab Pro 8.4 2014.

Dimensions and Handling Factor

The dimensions of the device plays a big role in handling factor. Holding a full-size tablet like iPad Air with one hand is quite difficult. However, the smaller dimensions of Tab Pro 8.4 2014 ensures you can hold and use it with one hand. The dimensions of Tab Pro 8.4 2014 are 8.62 inches (Height) by 5.06 inches (Width) by 0.28 inches (Thickness). On the other hand, iPad Air is a full-size tablet having fairly larger dimensions equivalent to 9.45 inches (Height) by 6.67 inches (Width) by 0.30 inches (Thickness).

Images and Videos

The display of a tablet is an important aspect. The size of the device, pixel density, resolution gives you an idea about the quality of the images and videos displayed on the screen. The iPad Air features a 9.7 inches Retina display that has a high resolution equivalent to 1536-by-2048 that translates into a pixel density of 264 pixels-per-inch. Experts believe pixel density above 150 is quite good for viewing images and Internet surfing. iPad Air’s display is protected by a coating that has less affinity to oil which means accidental finger touches on the screen will not result in fingerprint smudges and the display will look clean most of the time.

The Tab Pro 8.4 2014 is equipped with an 8.4 LCD screen having a resolution of 1600-by-2560 pixels and a pixel density of 359 pixels-per-inch. Experts believe pixel density of 300 or more is quite good for watching movies and also for viewing HD images. The display in iPad air is an IPS LCD screen that is far superior to Super Clear LCD touch screen in Tab Pro 8.4 2014. IPS screen have better viewing angles and you will be able to see accurate colors without any blur. Unlike normal LCD’s the colors on the IPS LCD screen does not lighten with finger touch but remain consistent throughout.

Hardware and Software

Tab Pro 8.4 is equipped with a quad-core processor with 2.3 GHz clock speed and an Adreno 330 GPU. iPad Air features a 64 bit processor A7 and M7 graphics processor. Though A7 is a dual core processor, it is quite power efficient and more powerful than a quad-core processor based on 32-bit architecture. Tab Pro 8.4 has latest KitKat Android operating system while iPad Air has latest iOS 7 operating system. iPad Air has 1GB DDR 3 RAM while Tab Pro 8.4 has 2GB RAM. Both tablets have models with different internal storage space. Tab Pro 8.4 has two models offering 16GB and 32GB storage space while iPad Air offers four different options in internal storage space such as 16GB, 32GB, 64 GB and 128GB.


iPad Air price range – $499 to $799 for Wi-Fi models and $629 to $929 for Cellular models.
Tab Pro 8.4 2014 16GB [Wi-Fi] model costs $369.99.

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