Apple iPad Air and Mini Specs Better Than Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Competition for the market between the Samsung and Apple corporations has led to the advancement in the development of more powerful devices that go head to head in terms of their specifications and both of them do not require the use of a stylus pen.

A guide of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 vs. the Apple iPad Air and Mini, which are the latest releases to the market, will assist you to select the preferred tablet that meets all your requirements.

The following is the head to head comparison of the two:

1. Retail prices

Their prices on the market is almostsimilar with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 of the 16 GB Wi-Fi model costs an estimated amount of $599.99 whiles the Apple iPad Air and Mini of the 16 GB Wi-Fi model has a $499 price tag if it is fitted with a retina display and one without costs $399.

2. Ability to multitask in terms of productivity

Both of them are equipped with tools that enhance productivity for working in the office. The Samsung device has a capability of allowing the user to use two application windows at the same time. It also enables a person in customizing multiple dashboards due to the magazine home interface which is considered as a great way for the most useful feeds and applications to be prioritized. On the other hand, the Apple device employs the Siri which is its digital assistant. It is an interface layer naturally based on language for control and faster functionality of many applications. The Tab wins this battle because its interface is more superior.

3. Camera specifications

It only becomes a concern for those involved in photography and video communication. The iPad has a rear camera of 5 megapixels and a front camera of 1.2 megapixels while the tab has a rear camera of 8 megapixels and a front camera of 2 megapixels. In this category, the Tab tops the standings.

4. Dimensions and weight

The Ipad air and Mini has a height of 240 mm, a width of 169.5 mm, a depth of 7.5 mm and a total weight of 469 grams. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has a total weight of 314 grams, a height of 209.8 mm and a width of 123.8 m. The Tab is lighter and smaller than the iPad hence more portable.

5. Performance

The Apple Air and Mini uses a 64 bit processor with the A7 processor being ranked among the fastest. It has a pairing with one of the most advanced operating systems called the IOS 7. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has a 4.4 android operating system with a 1.2 GHz Quad core processor. In terms of performance based on the OS the iPad is miles ahead.

If a decision has to be made in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 vs. the Apple iPad Air and Mini comparison in terms which one you should buy. The Tab has superior camera specifications, ability to multitask, and packages in terms of perks. These factors will make a person to buy it. However, the faster operating system of the iPad and its retina display give it a cutting edge in terms of speed. Make your choice on which one has your touch of class.

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