Angry Birds Free – Sub Zero Update on the Download

For the fans of Angry Birds, vying for new levels and new madness, the game is not over yet.

Rovio has been very prompt in adding new updates and add-ons to the game every now and then. This keeps the game fresh and interesting all the time. With newer locations and more interesting additions to the game, the game lovers have a lot to celebrate. Now, Rovio has decided to introduce many more features to Angry Birds Rio, and add a sub zero episode to Angry Birds Go. The great news is that it all comes as a free download for Windows Mobile users.

What’s New?

Almost all of the Angry Bird games are getting major updates. The go-kart based game of Angry Birds Go is especially getting revamped with many new types of karts available throughout the gameplay. Players can now opt for eight brand new karts and several new telepods. This not only changes the feel of the game, but it also how you play it. This is a major gameplay and graphics overhaul and Rovio has been hailed yet again for its innovation in taking something so simple, and making it so elegant and interesting. Angry Birds Go now even gets an new Sub Zero episode that gives a brand new frosty theme to the game.

What’s Different?

Angry Birds Go is a very different gaming experience altogether. Very different from the other games in its franchise as this game has a racing element to it. The Angry Bird characters race the evil piglets in this one, using their own special go karts. The karts here have all the special powers and each one has something to make it unique, just like the characters. This update comes as an in-app purchase and you can download it through the Angry Bird games you already have. As you go downhill racing on Piggy Island, you can feel the ever growing rush of these beautiful birds, freewheeling down the tumultuous roads and leaving the piggies behind at breakneck speeds. The race is thrilling, with a lot of twists and turns, and is made more interesting by the competition.

The Verdict

With these amazing new changes to the games, and daily new rewards that the update features, Rovio has proved yet again that innovation and creativity knows no bounds. Check the games out for yourself and see how both Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Go are different from all the other games you have previously enjoyed. Since the in-app updates are available free of cost, you do not even have to spend any money on it. The great thing is that now you can even race your favorite bird characters and prep them to beat the bad piggies, thus completing their revenge on them. So we highly recommend you to download this update and give an entirely new twist to your gaming experience, and if you haven’t yet tried out Angry Birds Go, it is high time that you did.

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