Angry Birds Free Download – Tips for Stopping the Frustration

If there is a mobile game that can really lure you into playing again and again, it is Angry Birds, which is a free game that you can download on your mobile devices.

It first began as a game on the iOS and has now taken the entire world by storm, with various versions for the desktop, the Android and for the Chrome browser. If you are an avid player of the game, you would surely have been frustrated at some of the levels and even lost several nights’ sleep, as the game can be really frustrating at times. Here are some tips to make the path easier for you and help you survive in this game.

You need Time

You really need to devote a certain amount of time everyday if you are to cross some of the difficult levels. There are many cases where players have to attempt a level several times before passing it. In fact, even hundreds of attempts are made before succeeding and getting those coveted three stars or a high score. If you don’t have enough spare time, there’s no point in playing the game at all, as it will only end up in frustration.

Study the Birds

It is important to study the character of all the birds involved in the game, as this will help you use them in the best and most efficient manner possible. You must know all the special moves related to all the birds as well as their specific strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you can increase the speed of the Yellow Bird by tapping on the screen whilst the bird is still in flight. This tip is very useful for attacking faraway spots or spots difficult to reach. Another important characteristic of Yellow Birds is that they are very effective against wood, so you can use them for breaking wooden structures. On the other hand, Black birds can be used for smashing and hitting concrete structures.

Attempting Various Angles

If you are not able to knock down a structure from a particular angle, try out various other angles. Try repeating your attacks and learn from previous mistakes, without getting frustrated. Observe the background or the surrounding environment and find out the exact point of action. Note the position of your finger for a particular launch and if it is successful, remember to use the same position or angle for the next bird. Or else, make a note of the bird’s position in the air when you tapped the screen for activating a specific move, which makes it possible for you to repeat the move exactly or literally.

Think Differently

It is really useful to be a little innovative or creative while playing Angry Birds. It is not necessary to follow everything as per rules. For instance, you can sometimes use the Boomerang Bird by using it backward and then allowing it to follow a curve in order to hit some targets that are otherwise unreachable.

Ask for Help

Whenever you are stuck in a particular level, try asking for help. There are many websites that specialize in offering tips for this free game. You can also call up your friends and ask them how they managed to cross some difficult levels. You will find several tutorials and literal walkthroughs that can help you immensely, on the Internet.

Don’t Be Angry

The whole point of downloading this game is to have fun and not to become angry. It is indeed silly to get so worked up and angry about a game. When you are not able to beat a level, take a break and go for a stroll or do some other activity to relieve your tension.

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