Adobe Flash Player 12 Fixes Two Critical Security Vulnerabilities

We are all aware of the benefits of the flash player.

If it wasn’t for flash, surfing the internet might be an extremely boring job. Forget the cool animation and graphics you find on some of the best sites, you would not be able to play some of your favorite games on the browser. No doubt, we must be thankful to Adobe for giving us Adobe flash which makes for interactive web browsing.

However, Adobe flash 12 did have its own share of problems. While users were pleased with what Adobe had to offer, there have always been a few problems as too often we get the reports of crashing of flash. One of the best things about Adobe is the constant updates and support that it offers.

The New Changes In Adobe Flash 12

Recently, there have been a few critical vulnerabilities that Adobe addressed and they have tried to improve the features which flash has to offer. Here are details of the quick fixes that have been done to ensure that users have something to be happy about.

The Security Trouble

We are all concerned about the security loopholes that occur. Users had complained that Adobe had two major security vulnerabilities using which hacker could gain access of the system. They could run malicious code which would give them the control to attack the system wherein the flash program was running. This is definitely not the kind of situation you would want to be in.

There was also a problem of address leakage vulnerability as it could lead to additional security issues too. Both these problems have been taken care of and in the new updated version that was launched, these vulnerabilities have been fixed. It is needless to add that the new version of Adobe flash 12 offers a greater level of security.

How to Get the New Updates?

When you are using Google Chrome or even Internet Explorer, you can get the new updates easily as they are automatically updated in your browser. Chrome has flash integrated in it and so it will update by itself. Even in Internet Explorer, you do not have to update it separately as the plug-in will be updated automatically.

If you are using it on Windows separately, you will have to update it. It is easy to make an update as all the latest updates are found on the web. Whenever Adobe rolls a new update, it makes it available on its site and you can always choose the latest version and make the most out of it.

Adobe is one of the top companies that launch some of the best software. With Adobe flash, you can enjoy the most out of your browsing experience. It is hard to even imagine surfing the internet without the use of flash and whether you choose to use flash 13 beta or flash 12, you are sure to enjoy the interactivity that it will offer.

If you use Chrome, you do not have to be worried about installing Adobe flash as it comes integrated with it.

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