Why Obsidian Can’t Help Fallout 4 Release Date?

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The team at Obsidian did a good job with Fallout 3 New Vegas but at present, they are not in a position to help push the release date of the upcoming title.

It is evident because latest news data suggests it is highly unlikely that Obsidian studios are behind the development of Fallout 4. The company is exceptionally busy with a slew of other titles which confirms that they will not be working on the upcoming game. They are going to launch a new game title Armored Warfare which is similar to the World of Tanks series and are also working on a title named Pillars of Eternity.

The team made a formal announcement during GDC 2014 that they are also simultaneously working on another MMORPG. Converting Fallout series into an MMORPG is not the best idea because the game already has a set fan base and such drastic changes may not be warmly embraced. Based on their recent announcements, it is assumed that if Obsidian is not working on the title, it could either be an internal studio from Bethesda working on it or the job may be outsourced to a third party developer.

Pipelined Titles

There are three strong reasons that support why Obsidian may not be working on a Fallout 4 game. First of all, handling a title such as armored warfare which is massively multiplayer online is not an easy task. The team should spend ample time in releasing new patches, tanks and maps to keep the player community busy. There is stiff competition for the title with World of Tanks which is an established game. If they want to overtake WOT, they should be ready to invest their time and ideas into this new title. The second one is the Pillars of Eternity, a game that started off small as a kick starter project but when it managed to accumulate over four million dollars in donations, it demanded the team’s complete attention. It will be designed in old school RPG style and Obsidian doesn’t have a second chance with this. With huge player expectations, they are supposed to make the game kickass no matter what happens. This may lead to the obvious expansion of the title into large-scale development.

Fallout MMORPG?

The two titles are enough to keep the entire team busy but during GDC 2014, they confirmed that another MMORPG is in the making. The company is now hiring programmers, level designers and other professionals for this untitled project. Some fans even believe that this could be the anticipated Fallout 4 in an entirely new perspective but MMORPG titles are expensive to build. One of the key issues is that they do not offer financial guarantee as AAA titles do and requires plenty of investment including server costs to keep the game running. In entirety, Obsidian is going great with back to back titles but they are not related to the Fallout series. Will Bethesda take it up or is someone else coming on board?

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