Why Minecraft PS4 Release Date Won’t Be Delayed?

While multiple sources claim that developers 4J Studios will be releasing the next gen version first on the Microsoft console, it has plenty of contradiction in the player community.

There is an equal chance for Minecraft PS4 to make its way to the store on the same day because the new console race is really high and great news is that Sony’s platform is leading it. The Playstation 4 console witnessed massive sales during the first two months of 2014 even though the huge list of exclusive titles are yet to make their way to the platform. It is leading not only in terms of product sales but also the number of games that has been sold since its launch last year is high as well.

Huge Sales Figure

These are some examples that indicate that the game could get a launch window on the same date as the Xbox One and wouldn’t be delayed as some people claim. If you are an ardent fan and have already purchased the console, just keep your fingers crossed. The huge sales figure and the fact that 4J Studios did it wrong once already with the PS3 version will push the team to not repeat it again. They have continuously released screenshots of PS4 version which confirmed many upcoming features and has boosted the speculation even more. The team took to Twitter recently and confirmed another texture pack that’s coming up for the PS3 platform.

City Texture Pack is Coming

The screenshots released by 4J Studios on Twitter showed urban constructions and corporate zombies but it was running on a Playstation platform. Just a week ago, they released the city texture pack on Xbox 360 console which opened to great fanfare because it is a distinct experience and gives players an opportunity to go out of the jungle survival scenario. Players are given the opportunity to build bridges, huge urban buildings, design offices and shopping malls. It is just like how Minecraft has always been but with more freedom, new shapes and a texture that looks like a metropolitan city.

With this new addition, the team also released some maps they have created that made it much easier to know the potential of the texture pack. As it has been confirmed for the Sony platform, it is almost official that it will eventually make its way to the Minecraft PS4 edition as well. The team is busy working on Title Update 14 now and they will most probably be able to make any official announcements related to next gen only when this one goes for certificate testing. It wouldn’t be a long wait as they confirmed in Twitter that bugs are being fixed quickly which brings the release date closer.

With all this evidence pointing towards a possible release date and the console being high on sales as well, the Minecraft PS4 edition will make its way soon. There could be a slight difference between the dates for both consoles but it definitely doesn’t have to be months because 4J will lose a huge fan base then. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.

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