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Are you an avid Viber user?

Well, it’s not difficult to love Viber, with its simple user interface and sleek appearance, it is the most expected go-to communications app for those who want more of functionality and ease in an application.
Nowadays we don’t have to buy phone credits anymore in order to reach out to friends or important contacts in times of emergencies or when we just need to have a casual chat within the day. And because wireless Internet is just everywhere, communication has gotten more convenient than ever, becoming more accessible to everyone no matter what time of the day or the place you live.

But just like every other application, if it wants to stay ahead of the game, there has to be updates, modifications, and improvements that need to be made to its current version so that users would be even happier using the application. And now, if you have not updated your Viber app yet, here are some good reasons why you should not delay that update any longer. Viber’s new features will make communication more fun and wider in reach.

Viber Out

The latest Viber update will enable users to make calls to people’s mobile phones, even when those people are not on Viber or may be on Vibe but are not connected to the Internet as of the moment. This feature will definitely come in handy for people who have jobs that demand open lines with colleagues or for those moments in life when emergencies happen and you need to make a call to someone.

This feature, however, will not be for free. Viber has first released this feature to the Philippines, as a relief effort and an avenue for Viber users to reach out to family members who may still be missing or out of reach. But Viber has recently made this great feature available all over the world and opened more communications possibilities in different areas of life.
Viber Out rates differ from country to country. And although this service will be paid because it cannot make use of wireless Internet alone to make the service possible, the rates are reasonable. In fact, the rates are very affordable. Viber Out for calls made to landlines in Mexico cost 6.9 cents (29.7 cents for calls to mobile phones) for every 3 minutes, 17.7 cents in the United Kingdom, the same rate for Germany, 29.7 cents for Spain, 7.8 cents for Japan, and 5.7 cents for the United States and Canada.

Sticker Galore

Now who said Viber can’t do what other communication applications can do? Now, you can make your instant messages with more emotion and you will now be able to clearly share feelings, thoughts, and even moods through the new and improved Sticker Market. You can choose from a wide variety of playful stickers that convey a wide range of emotions.
If you’re not the type who wants lots of pictures on your messages, that’s fine. But should you want to try it out and see what it does to your messages, the option is just right there, waiting for you to check it out.

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